Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starting Out on a Journey (FB note from April 2011)

I am moving to Missouri.
So many emotions go along with that statement:
“How can I leave my kids??”
“Awesome! I’ve wanted to be there for almost 2 years now!”
“What am I doing!? I can’t leave my home—my family—my Duluth!”
“I’ll get to learn so much from my strong Christian friends out there!”
“Will I be able to live up to everything that they expect of me?”
“This training will be so helpful for when I have my own family one day, Lord willing.”
“Why did we have to lose Aunt Shauna-- why couldn’t it have been me so her kids could have her!?”
 Yes. The reason I am moving to Missouri is all about our sweet, happy, spunky Shauna Heck.

Darren, her husband, asked if I would be willing to become the kids’ full-time nanny.

Again, too many emotions to fully express:
Totally honored.
What will I say?!
And again, “How can I leave my kids?”

Can you tell it’s all about my KIDS?! They have been my world.

They have taught me a lot about responsibility.
Having fun no matter what we’re doing.
Sticking to what I say.
Being the best example I can be, with God’s help.
The little things are precious.
To look for good in everything.
They have taught me more about love than I ever expected.

My precious children have each touched and changed me. I will miss them more than all the words in the world can say. I am so thankful for their place in my life.

Jon David and Amelia
Kellen and Aislinn.
Maddie and Brett
Cade and Emma
Max and Will
Addy and Cason
My preschoolers
My Bible class
… <3 <3 <3

But there are now two new little darlings who will become my world.
They are sweet, funny, lively, and cute.
We’ll share sunny days running outside and laughing.
We’ll share rainy days reading and making forts.
We’ll sing, snuggle, and spin.
We’ll cook. Visit friends. Go to the zoo.
We will talk about the things their mommy loved. About how she was loved. About how we want to go to Heaven to be with her again.
We will learn about God every day. Without God, nothing in life has any meaning. Shauna knew that. Her children will know that, too.
Their daddy will make sure of that. He is working hard for them. He takes good care of them. He will give them the very best life possible.

My Christian friends, please pray for “our” family.
I feel as though I am becoming a part of the incredible Heck Clan.
I might be leaving family. But I am certainly moving to family as well.
My new church family is incredible. If I need to leave Duluth, Concordia certainly is what I would pick.
Let me tell you, be careful what you pray for! You just might get it—though it might not be as you had thought.
But that’s ok. Because God is in control. And He knows so much better than you or I.
And something else? Pray for your friends. That is such an encouragement.
Miss Debbie has been praying for me for over a year in relation to this move.
I had no idea. But I am so touched. Prayer is powerful.

My heart will always be close to my kids. The ones I have now, the ones I will have soon… and one day my own, Lord willing.

<3 <3 <3

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  1. the things you are planning to do with them....
    it's perfect kara. exactly what shauna would want. love you.