Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins,"Punkmans," and More Pumpkins!

With Abby, Aunt Tammy, Alyssa, Sydney, McKenna, and Carter at the most awesome PUMPKIN PATCH!
Corn Pit~ Carter's favorite part...
My happy, adventurous, beautiful girl! 
This is fun. Awesome Hay Bale...
Sweet walk through the Corn Maze. My favorite part is hearing the wind in the corn stalks...
3 awesome girlies! 
What an incredible day-- not to mention those Sonic drinks, inside jokes, and music! 

 Heck/Noller Pumpkin Carving Day!
Grandma-- notice her outfit? =) Swinging and swinging with our sweethearts!
4 sweet little sets of feet connected to 4 of the sweetest kiddos in the world!!
Our pumpkins before... =)
My girlie's pumpkin-- isn't it adorable?!
 It was so nice to spend a day with my kiddos at my house... notice my outfit? =)
 Look at this FUN! Don't I have a gorrrrrgeous family?!?!?
 These 2 were best buds all day. Toooo cute!
Finished faces!! =) =) =) =) =) 

Morton Family Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!
Darren working on our Angry Birds pumpkins with his 2 precious sidekicks!
Finished! Didn't he do a fantastic job!? I was soooo impressed!
Carving my 2nd pumpkin ever... I really like it. And what a perfect fall day it was, too!

One of the sides on my pumpkin-- I went with the Angry Birds theme, too for my kids. Such fun!!

Trick or Treating with my kiddos!
 With Dad. The coolest guy in the world.
 Enjoying the rat at this house. It was too funny to hear Carter quote it the rest of the night!
What a great family! They are such a blessing in my life! 
3 of my favorite people ever!

I'm very happy, very tired, and VERY, VERY, 
VERY blessed from an incredible few days! 


Hats, Smiles, and Wonderful Love...

October. Wow. What a month. What an incredible time. The weather's been gorgeous! I LOVE this time of year! It has been absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved this time of year out here when I've come on trips, and it sure is nice to see it all the time, day in and day out, and get to spend all that time with my sweethearts!
We play like we're animals. Every day. Normally a dog and a tiger. Sometimes seals. And every now and then dinosaurs. Those are loud days. But good. It's too funny to watch them. They got new Jawhawk hats. They dressed in all blue and all pink and couldn't have been any cuter!
It's incredible to get to know McKenna and Carter better every day. They are full of silly things to say, funny faces, sweet hugs, and good hearts. I cannot imagine being without them already. Sundays are sometimes long days 'cause it's the only day a week I don't normally see them.
What a blessing to have good health, a beautiful home, a fantastic yard, and a family who you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Family Fun Nights continue to be one of the best and most looked-forward to nights out of the week in my book. I LOVE our family! And yes, I do believe I sound more like my Miss Debbie Heck with each passing day... =)
Kenna~ She is gorgeous. She is smart. She is hilarious. She is an incredible mix of her mom and dad. She is sunshine itself. I thank God for her all the time. She teaches me more than she'll ever know.
Carter Boyd ~ He is big and tiny. He is extremely loving. He is very stubborn. He loves his chips and candy. He has the cutest voice. He hates having pictures taken. He is Darth Vader.
He comes to me for cuddles very often. He is such a sweetheart. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soccer Girl!

My little sunshine girl is having a fun fall getting to play soccer again. She's doing a great job! 

During her first game when we were all yelling for her to run, she goes, "But I don't know what I'm doing!!!" :) 

We've made progress since then! hee hee

She's #4!! Woop, woop for our little girl!

She loves, loves, LOVES her Daddy! And it's been perfect timing on games for her because he gets home in time for us all to go together. We're having sooo much fun with this. Carter wants to play soon. :) Sweet little kiddos.

Some of our teammates who are super di duper great! =) 

This little girl makes my world sooo happy! =) She reminds me of Aunt Shauna all the time. She is awesome! Hug your little ones a lot. They'll be grown up too soon. I thank God for this precious sweetheart every single day. Enjoy getting outside in this awesome weather, too! Fall is suuuuuch a special time of year! <3

Friends, friends, and more friends! :)

During Roundhouse I took a few hours to go see some of the best girls in the world: My Reynoldds! I'm sooo blessed to have them in my life! Super good to get to see them and catch up, the drive was gorgeous, the food great, but wow, the hugs were the BEST part! :) And the special phone call I got, too! Missed my SC Daddy a lot! Glad to have Mark Reynolds in my life. He's one of the very best preachers, dads, husbands, friends ever! And he's got a GORGEOUS family!!!
My Sweet "Baby Carratts!" It felt soooooooooooooooo good! Sooooooo normal to have them in our home!
My boys! Spent a weekend with my Duluth family... wow. That was a HUGE blessing!! I love where I live now, my congregations, my friends, my family, my kiddos... but there is still something super sweet about going home for a visit...
CALEB! :D He's getting sooo big and can talk so well now... love this dear little guy!! Praying for this wonderful family as they start out on a new and totally awesome journey. So glad for the godly family that they are, the loving, caring, fun way that they live, that they put God first in their lives. What a blessing to me to know this family. They are some of my very best friends!!
And after coming HOME!! (Suppppppppppppppppppppppppppppper happy to see my kiddos again!) I had my girls from Australia here for a few days, Ashlee and Rosie! They are heaps of fun and wonderful friends. I was so blessed to be able to spend time with them again and also share them with my Missouri family. My family here took them in and made them like family in just minutes. THAT IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Missouri!!!
My dear sister and my sweet MM... What a great day this was! :)
Little Fairy and our Lynn! Friends are best if you have them in all ages, from all over the world, and can laugh together! We had lots of fun driving around Kansas City, trying new things, playing games and hanging out at home, playing with my kiddos... just learning, loving, and enjoying the simple things!!

This little darling is just a princess! I love her soooo much! It is fun to be at home and be someone she knows. All the sweethearts at Chipman make my life very full and happy because they are just extremely loving. It is a joy to be around them all and also a great reminder that we are being looked to as examples and that we need to be living in a way that does not let God, or our little ones, down. Thank you 1000 times over to all of you who are such GODLY examples in my own life. Love, prayers, and heaps of hugs!


 Roundhouse is the best week out of the year... And this was my 17th amazingly perfect week there! This time, for the first time, it was MUCH longer than a 3 hour trip, I went with my Hecks instead of my McAfees, and we got to see the ARCH! It's sooo pretty! I can't wait to go up in it sometime.

 Roundhouse is a family retreat for members of the Church of Christ who also homeschool. I am forever grateful to the Cozorts, McWhorthers, and all of the families on the board because Roundhouse has given me just about ALL of my best friends! Especially the ones I live with and close to now...=) 

 I love the time to play and just be kids at Roundhouse.... the time to learn and study more about God.... the time to be outside for HOURS at a time and enjoy the gorgeousness of the world our Father has given us....
 I love the kiddos. They are some of the best in the world because the parents at Roundhouse truly love their children, which means they TEACH them, SPEND TIME with them, and PUNISH them when they need to because they care about their souls. The parents at Roundhouse are such huge encouragements to me. They are what I want to be when I have kiddos of my own one day... Lord willing. =)
 Roundhouse has a beauty all its own. For weeks before you're packing, preparing, and enjoying that it feels like "Roundhouse weather," and being sooo soo sooo soo soooooooooo excited! And then you GET THERE! Oh! It's just the best feeling. There are some people you've not seen since last year, there are some you've not seen since Memphis... and there are those others who you live close to, but since they're your favorite people... you STILL spend heaps of time with them!
 The blessings of beautiful sisters, in Christ, and by blood... There are just times when I look around myself at Roundhouse, and in general life, too, where I just can't believe I've been blessed so tremendously! God is Good!
This little dude was SUCH a special part of Roundhouse! I LOVE tenting next to them.... What a wonderful time it is to be in the tents and all visit together... One day, I will officially tent on my own-- and it'll be great!
 What is ROUNDHOUSE without MARK MCWHORTER?!?!?!??! :D :D
As always, the week flew by too quickly. It was all so perfect! Such an extremely good time of fellowship and encouragement. In the end, though, I missed my sweet kiddos sooooooo much that I really was ready to go home, after a quick weekend trip back to GA... Roundhouse is the closest thing to Heaven that we have here on earth, I do believe... Praying for all my dear friends, their families, everyone in the church.... Love you all!