Saturday, May 28, 2011

Road trip from GA to AL to TN to MO!!

The sunshine of so many lives-- Shauna Heck! <3
 Stopped to see friends along the way-- most of the Rives!
 One of the most talented and cool ladies in the whole world, Rebecca! 
And Jay Bear! Had heaps of fun with him!
 Momma Bea and Carrie Anne! Great to visit and play with them!
 Beautiful flag and view while in AL.
 Meeting Cadence Hardy! What a treat!!
 My beautiful friend Leah, and her sweet little girl, Aspen!
 Friends in Memphis!
My beautiful Memphis Mom!
 Friday night sunset. AWESOME!
 This made me happy!
 The flowers that I kept smiling at while driving. I am thrilled it made it!
Thinking of my sweeties from preschool!
 My little Pooky asleep this morning at Granna and Gramp's!
 Monkey Boy in a fallen tree
 This looked so awesome spinning. I like it being still, too.

This trip has been amazing... and its only just begun. Stay tuned.
=D Me

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