Monday, October 31, 2011

Hats, Smiles, and Wonderful Love...

October. Wow. What a month. What an incredible time. The weather's been gorgeous! I LOVE this time of year! It has been absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved this time of year out here when I've come on trips, and it sure is nice to see it all the time, day in and day out, and get to spend all that time with my sweethearts!
We play like we're animals. Every day. Normally a dog and a tiger. Sometimes seals. And every now and then dinosaurs. Those are loud days. But good. It's too funny to watch them. They got new Jawhawk hats. They dressed in all blue and all pink and couldn't have been any cuter!
It's incredible to get to know McKenna and Carter better every day. They are full of silly things to say, funny faces, sweet hugs, and good hearts. I cannot imagine being without them already. Sundays are sometimes long days 'cause it's the only day a week I don't normally see them.
What a blessing to have good health, a beautiful home, a fantastic yard, and a family who you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Family Fun Nights continue to be one of the best and most looked-forward to nights out of the week in my book. I LOVE our family! And yes, I do believe I sound more like my Miss Debbie Heck with each passing day... =)
Kenna~ She is gorgeous. She is smart. She is hilarious. She is an incredible mix of her mom and dad. She is sunshine itself. I thank God for her all the time. She teaches me more than she'll ever know.
Carter Boyd ~ He is big and tiny. He is extremely loving. He is very stubborn. He loves his chips and candy. He has the cutest voice. He hates having pictures taken. He is Darth Vader.
He comes to me for cuddles very often. He is such a sweetheart. 


  1. Fantastic pics, Kara - but then look at the subjects!

  2. Carter seems like he would be more Anakin than Darth Vader. Love you.

  3. What a wonderful post, Kara! I love you and I am so thankful for your willingness to share in our life, and the precious lives of our McKenna and Carter. xoxo