Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweetest things in life!!

 My sweethearts are just that: SWEEEEEEETHEARTS! 
They bring me flowers (even ones they shouldn't really pick because they aren't ours), and they smile at me with such pleased little faces. It melts my heart and makes my day. McKenna and Carter brought me these flowers, and McKenna took a picture of them for me. <3
The fellowship that our congregation has every week is super special. I love working together with the members of my congregation. The excitement we share, the work that needs to be done is made better by doing it together. They are teaching and training me so much. We had to tell our sweet, talented, awesome Morne and Amanda goodbye. God bless them as they begin their new work!

A super di duper fun part of this month was our family vacation over spring break! We went to Oklahoma City!! It was the best trip EVER!
 There were so many things we saw, places we went, beautiful days spent endlessly outside soaking up the warm sunshine... I can't even begin to express how incredible it all was. But the best, best, best part was just having time with Dad. The kids love Dad more than anything-- and to have him all day, every day for the week was the best present they could ever be given!
 It was such a sweet time to watch my babies grow, to laugh, to cuddle, to sing, to just LIVE~ to throw in some Pollyanna. The best moments didn't happen when we were doing some awesome event, just like in every-day life, they happen when you catch the person's eye you're with, smile, and know that everything is just right. Because you love each other. <3
 We had an awesome night going to see an OKC Thunder game!! Wooooot! We screamed and cheered and LOVED it. Carter Man was so tired that he slept through a lot of it, and Kenna nodded off at one point, too. But when they were awake, they loved it, too!
 We ate lots of yummy food on our trip-- this might have been Carter's favorite: BREAD! He was such a cuddle bug on our trip. Such a big man. Kept surprising me with all the things he's getting big enough to do. I love hearing his laugh, his voice, listening to him singing in the car... he makes me world bright!
 My princess cracks me up all the time-- she loves that it's warm enough to wear shorts one day, then the next she's saying that she wishes it would snow because she is so hot! She kept us laughing all through the week, just as usual. She sure is a joy to have around!
 Dad is the best ever-- loves his kiddos with all his heart, takes such good care of all of us, made the trip SO FUN! It made us all happy to just be together all week.
 Such pretty flowers... I'd not realized that I missed them so much. Enjoying the beginning of spring maybe more so than any other year. God's creations are so varied, so incredible!!
 Sweetness. Trust. Love. -- It's the most beautiful sight in the world!
 Got to see my sweet Sarah on our trip and go to Bible Class with their family. How fun!!!
This week certainly counted as school for my babies-- we went to the zoo, bone museum, spent time outside every day, botanical gardens, war museum, and a fantastic science museum. SO many things to learn about!!
We laughed a LOT on this trip. Tried some new things. Added a new state to my list. Just enjoyed the little things. We weren't ready to come home, but it is always good to come home, too-- I love our family. The sights of home. All the normal feels. My family made me feel so loved when they ALL came outside as soon as I pulled up to give me hugs. It made me happy to get to talk to my Mommy and Daddy and sisters, too. God blesses me over and over and over again with the people He puts into my life to love and teach me, to make me happy. <3

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  1. Wonderful post and pictures about all the wonderful blessing God has blessed us with. I LOVE the last picture! That is soo funny! xoxo