Thursday, June 2, 2011

From home to home...

There are no words that could fully express the emotions of the past few days. I am in Missouri. I'm in the country where the sky is huge and the sounds outside are numerous. I'm at a cute little congregation where I feel needed, wanted, and where there are many things I can do and things I can be taught. I'm living in a big yellow house which isn't totally finished with lots of people who make me laugh and feel right at home. I'm "running" a sweet house of two small sunshines. I am 100% content and happy!!

And I also have never missed anyone so much in my life. I want Aunt Shauna to be there enjoying my days with me. When the kids get to really laughing, I wish she could hear it. When they look at me with love and happiness, I wish her eyes were the ones receiving that look of trust. When they dance around singing, when they help me clean up after a meal, when we swing on the front porch, I want to tell her about the moments with her darlings. When Darren comes home and the kids go running to him, I want her to see their looks of love and total adoration for him. They can't wait to show him and tell him everything we've done together that day. It is precious! His smile is so big when he's got his little blessings in his arms.

My first week "on my own" has been out of this world. And I've barley been alone-- save the hours of driving to MO. Visiting with friends along the way here, then a wonderful Sunday at my new congregation. Moved in with the Hecks on Sunday and arranged my clothes and put all my boxes into my sweet, lovely room. Monday we had a huge day here at home with our family. So many kids, so much food, so many rockets. The only quiet moments were the prayers we said together. The swings out back got so much use. There was singing, pictures, laughing, drinking heaps of coke, and counting our blessings as we had perfect weather, good health, and the common goal of Heaven. 

Tuesday was my first day of "work." It flew by. Darren showed me around town that night so I could know where everything was. The weather has been perfect. We've had the windows open and no music playing. There are so many things to listen to outside. And while I'm inside cleaning, I love hearing their little voices talking to each other, fighting off the bad guys, imagining and dreaming in the sunshine as all children should.

I think of my mom so many times while I'm at "work." And my sisters. The hours and hours together homeschooling-- it's a never-ending type school. You talk, examine, study, and learn all day long. God has given us an amazing world. We do need to take time to be still and know that He is God.  McKenna is so eager to learn. She eats up anything we do together "school wise." We are starting now-- have started already-- doing school. She is ready. Carter listens, too, and joins in when he wants to. Our Bible times together are some of my favorite times of day.

Prayers have been going up a lot. For friends and family everywhere, for my Duluth, my new congregation, the congregation my Hecks attend. For these precious little souls in my care. They are sharing so much time with me. They are teaching me already. Take the time to talk to -- to LISTEN to-- little ones. You will be blessed!

How often is someone able to say that she moved from somewhere she loved, had her "dream jobs," was at home and with her family... to moving to somewhere she loved, had her "dream job," and was at home and with her family? :)


  1. You have made such a wonderfully smooth transition in just three days. The kids and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and all you have already done to make my life easier. Look forward to your continued wonderful influence in our lives.

  2. Kara, you are a wonderful gift to our family and we love you. Your parents have raised a "jewel". Darren said it very well. We love you! Thanks for all the encouragement you give to us!