Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July in Missouri!!!


 WOW! They were BEAUTIFUL! 


 And what was the most AMAZING to me?! They can set things off like this in their DRIVEWAYS! It was sooooo much fun that night at the Leonards'! I was doing happy dances on their back porch. I'm glad Kimbalee was there. She understands! :D

 The kids and I made a Flag Cake. We had to. I always made one with my family. We heard American Music and talked about why we celebrate the 4th. It was the cutest thing. We had so much fun and the kids started humming along to the music.We were so happy when Daddy came home after just a few hours at work. We love it when Daddy comes home. The kids get sooooo excited. My mom would have loved our happy morning. And their mommy would have, too!

 My new shirt for the big day. I told Moma I would put this pic on here! So...

 After my morning with the kiddos, I got to come home and hang out with my family and Aunt Tammy's family. 

We ate WAY too much food. We were thankful. We laughed. We napped. We played games. We sang. 

We laughed some more. We watched a baseball game. We watched the stars come out. We watched the smoke bombs and sparklers and tank fights. We cuddled. I knitted some... my fingers have been itching to do that for a while. Glad to have some time to be able to! :D

 Best thing about the weekend? We got Mr. David, one of my two Missouri Dads, home!! :) He works so hard. It was great to have him at home. It's great to get to talk to him, to see him with Miss Debbie, to hear him laugh, to know he is well enough to ride his trainer some... *happpy sigh* I love it when the whole family is at home together. We started watching the Tour over the weekend, too. 

We had a GOOD day!!! God is so good to us all!!

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  1. It was a wonderful weekend for sure and certain! ;)
    Love you sweet girl!