Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pictures... happiness!

 Cool Carter with his awesome "Wobert!"

 Just takin' after Aunt Debbie here... =D

 Lovin' the fan at the ballpark-- GO ALYSSA!

 One of the very favorite nights of my life-- all of us being at Aunt Debbie's, swinging and singing and cuddling, dancing in the kitchen, making banana bread at 10:30 at night, eating it hot out of the oven, goodnight kisses...

 Someone certainly did enjoy herself! hee hee And they were both soooo good and fun to be with!

Spent the afternoon with my lovely sister celebrating her graduation from high school. I love that she is enjoying her new camera and planning to learn more from her mother about homemaking. She is already good at it and works hard and lovea children. She is such a blessing in my daily life! 

 Sweet girlie with our sweet lil man!

 Unplanned black/white day at Condordia with Stacy and Grandma! :) 

Sweet Kenna Girl waving goodbye to her wonderfully Daddy. <3

 Seeing Daddy at work-- and McKenna getting to play-- was super fun! 

 Little Dude had to get in on the fun! :D

 I love this one...

 And this one!

We had some fun girlie time this morning. She's been awake early the past two mornings. While it's strange to be up that early, it's fun to have one-on-one time with her. Notice her necklace? Yep. She made it! :) 

We've had fun getting wonderful letters this week! My sweet Maggie Girl wrote me the sweetest note. It made me happy and feel hugged. Then my Jon David Dude sent a note that made me smile. And my wonderful Miss Terri! Her letter was incredible! The kids were so excited that "we" got letters! Thank you each for them! 

Can you tell that life is beautiful, bright, and very, very blessed? <3

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  1. These are all such beautiful pictures, Kara! We love having you as part of our family. Thank you for the sunshine you bring!