Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Boy!!

This was a very special day! It's the Birthday Buddies' Birthday!! 
Carter and Mr. David share this day, and they are two of the very best and most important guys in my life! 
 My happy boy!

  We're friends! <3

 But... sometimes I'm the bad guy! =D

Dear Carter Boyd,

I cannot imagine my life without you in it anymore. Your smiles and hugs and your incredibly adorable voice make my days with you very special and full of happiness. You come for hugs first thing in the mornings. For a while you weren't so sure about me, but now you've decided to like me, even if you don't "wike" girls.

You are a big helper around the house. When you see me cleaning something, you're right there asking to help. You do well picking out your clothes and getting dressed on your own. You take your clothes and throw them down the stairs. You love to help Daddy, too. Daddy is your world; you want to be just like him. You want to wear 2 shirts like Dad, you can't wait for him to get home so you can follow him around the house, you want to eat whatever he's eating. It's the cutest thing to see you ride your bike with Daddy. I asked you today what your very favorite thing in the world was, and you said, “Dad!” <3

You are way into Star Wars. Your birthday party will be Star Wars themed, and Grandma Theresa and Papa Dud found you a Darth Vader candle. That is so perfect, because you LOVE Darth Vader! Your Darth Vader bear is too cute. And when you walk around in your Darth Vader mask and say, "Luke, I am your father," and breathe like he does, it cracks me up! I'm going to miss being here for your party, but you will be surrounded by so much family who loves you lots!

Potty training has been a big part of life for the past few weeks, and right now, you are doing wonderfully. You were so excited to get new underwear over the weekend. That was one of the first things you showed me yesterday morning. You have said your own prayers lately. They are so sweet. You remind me often that the only things we hate are the devil and sin. And that we have to be good and go to Heaven. You love Bible time and singing Bible songs!

We had so much fun today! We spent time watching Star Wars videos on YouTube, making cupcakes and banana bread muffins and licking all the batter, and running to the store for frosting. You were so happy and funny to be with. Then we went to see Cars 2. It was really good. You sat in my lap for almost the whole movie. I loved the cuddle time. We went to see Uncle David, your birthday buddy, at work and took him some cupcakes. You adore him. Daddy got to come home early to spend time with you. It was a great day!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Man!
Love always,

 "We're gonna sing 'Jesus Loves Me.' I'm gonna sing it all by myself. And you're going to sing it all by yourself. At the same time." ~Carter to me :D

   Several favorites all in one pic: tricycle, Darth Vadar bear, baseball, Daddy's car, and red clothes!




"I got it!" (Wish I could insert his happy little laugh here... it's killer cute!!)

 Happy kids are the best things in the world!!

 Making birthday buddy cupcakes!

 Playing with his new toy from Lynn. He loves it!!

 These two guys are sweet blessings in my life! It was wonderful to be able to spend their birthday with them. Love you both very much!

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  1. Kara, What a perfect birthday letter to our precious little guy! I love every word and every picture! I am so thankful that you are not just a great friend, but part of our family and part of our life. Shauna would be so happy and content with the blessings you have brought all of us, especially her sweet babies. I love you!