Friday, September 23, 2011

39th Street Lectures...

What a blessing to have been able to be attend 13 hours worth of lectures this week at the 39th Street Church of Christ!
I was there with so many friends. So many brothers and sister I don't even know. And best of all, my kiddos. My sweet, wonderful, happy little ones were so, so, so good this week.
 This week was full of encouragement to me. It wasn't only from the lessons, which were great, it wasn't only from the singing, which was uplifting, most of it came from unspoken lesson learned by watching my friends.
 There were older couples there every day. All day long. They know the importance of the gospel and took advantage of it. They are as cute as can be, and it is so fun to watch them visit and catch up with one another. 
 There were the young moms, the homeschool moms, who came with their kids because they know it's the most important thing to teach your kids from an early age to LOVE God and keep HIS commandments.

Stacy, Ashley, Miss Debbie, Aunt Chas,Tina, Colby, Amanda, Shari, Sandy, Kathy, 
Tammy, and Katherine...
~You all are very special to me and some good examples in my life! Thank you for being there this week!~
 These women were huge encouragements to me. I'd never undertaken hours at a lectureship with kiddos before. It was great. It was hard. It was rewarding. I am so thankful to have incredible examples everywhere I turn, both around here and many other places. My support system i huge and incredible and keep me going and looking in the right direction.
There was the wonderful lunch hour of fellowship together. To talk about the lessons. To talk through problems. To laugh with our little ones. The ladies did an awesome job for us every day.
 In the afternoons some college students spent their time to come to lessons. That was very cool. We had friends who were not Christians there. What a blessing that is-- someone taking time to learn more about HIM. Pray for them!
To wait through line with brothers and sisters you'd not met before, who quickly became your friends. The church is such a small world. I love that. Never underestimate how much you might touch someone's life. Put yourself out there, get to know people, pray for them, love them. My "Aunt" made my day every time she walked in those doors because she took the time to come and hug me and talk to me. You know how nice it is to feel loved... Return the favor and show those you love that you love them! 
 "In all thy ways acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct thy paths..." 
 Does this look like a little wedding ceremony to anyone else?! :) It was crackin' me up to see the kiddos playing today at lunch. Loved the time with the sweet darlings to play everyday. There is SUCH a great feeling that comes from being loved by kids. Listen to them. Look at them. Hug them. That's how they learn-- but that's also how we learn FROM them!
 While lectures are encouraging, uplifting, faith-building... they are also tiring physically... =) 
  The weather's been absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Through the week we've had little bits of time to be out in it but not enough... McKenna walked outside yesterday and said how wonderful the world was that God made for us! How that makes my heart sing! Carter notices all the birds flying and sitting on the wires as we drive. He knows God made them. He knows God made them on Day 5. God is in their thoughts. They remind me to "think on these things" as well! 
And to end a perfect week, the kids and I Skyped with my family for my Daddy's birthday. My kiddos love my family, though they've not gotten to meet in person yet. They were too funny on there tonight. I just couldn't hug and kiss them enough. I am excited to go to Roundhouse, but I am NOT excited to be away from these two sweeties. 

A special part of today was having all 4 of their grandparents over. What a blessing to have Christians on both sides of their family! I am thankful for each of them and for the love and care they give both to their little ones and to me. What a blessing it is to be part of this family, of the family of Christ! 

And now... ROUNDHOUSE WEEK! =)