Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Sunshine!

How is it already this far through the month!? 
What an amazing month it's been so far... 
And with a week of lectures at 39th Street, 
then a week of Roundhouse, 
and a weekend at home in GA... 
how can it be anything but AMAZING for the remainder?!

Anyways, I'll just give you a quick glimpse
into the sunshine of our month!

~Seeing the Jacobs and getting to meet sweet Eli...

 ~Our Hallie Girl turned 2! How can it have been 2 years already?! What a special little darling she is!!

 ~My Missouri got to meet one of my best friends, my Kristen! 
Gospel Meeting in Higginsville= GREAT WEEK!

 ~Went on a walk with my kiddos and Aunt Chas, the feather girls, and Lynn... 

 ~My usually loves to be clean baby boy went all out playing in the mud. I loveddddd it! =)

 ~This girl is sunshine from within... every day I spend with her is a day in which I laugh many times!!

~Labor Day was one of the "best days of my life" as I termed it. What did we do? Slept in, enjoyed the sunshine, went for a long walk, ate lunch, did heaps of yard work, explored the woods, burned a piano, went on a scavenger hunt, had a bon fire, and counted stars... what made the day SO good? The people. These people. My family. My encouragements to do what is right. No matter what people might think or say or do. To live for God with everything we've got. To focus on what's important. To laugh, work, love, and enjoy anything we do together. My Leonards mean the world to me! 

 ~And what's a day if you don't rock out for a while?! Dance with your kiddos in the kitchen and around the house. Stop everything you're doing and sing, laugh, and hug with all your might. You will never regret it!

 ~Several nights of Family Fun Nights. BEST nights of the week. 

 ~Grandpa's been working on our house. He's so good at everything. And how fun for us to have someone working on the house who we know and love and who sings all the time and is just soo nice to have around? We play outside a lot. He makes us smile all day long. And brings marshmallows for roasting!! =)

 ~And they were GOOD!!

 ~Went to my first American sports event that wasn't one of my kids playing-- had heaps of fun, but I have to say, I watch the game wayyyyyyy more closely when it is MY kiddos out there... Here the lights, the fountains, and that I was sitting by Stacy and Abs were really the things that made my night! 

 ~My beautiful sister! <3

 ~My little helpers. They love anything to do with water... 

 ~Spending a rainy morning racing from one end of the house to the other... all those little things that kiddos love, DO them. Whenever you can. My kiddos are already growing soo much. Too fast. I am really working hard to not do too much "stuff" and do more with them. They are my world right now and I adore the hugs, the cuddles, the laughing-so-hard-you -can't-breathe-anymore times with them! 

What a brilliant month, huh? God gives us every single breath, every moment of sunshine, each chance to teach those around us about the gospel. I hope that your days have been filled with blessings just as ours have. Praying for many friends, family members, and the church world-wide. God knows and understand all. 

HIS plan is the BEST! Life for HIM is the ONLY life worth living. 
And it's worth living with ALL YOUR MIGHT!

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  1. Amen. Amen and amen! How did I miss so many posts? So very encouraging. I love you sweetie.