Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Begins! =)

There are so many sweet, funny, busy, happy, learning-filled moments in our lives. I'm happy for the beginning of every new day with my sweethearts and best friends. Glad to go to bed at night in a home where I am loved, taken care of, and feel so safe.
 We have really been enjoying doing art. Cater, my hates-to-be-messy boy, LOVES to finger paint. It makes me happy every time.
 We like to look outside and see all that God's made us. We like to watch our neighbors walk their dogs, come and go through their days... and we like to be out playing in our great yard. 
 Dancing inside is something that we do very often-- and since it's gotten colder, the kids call it "ice skating!" :)
 ~My Ice Princess~
 ~My Little Prince~
 First sighting of Santa in my house! She and Carter have been my sidekicks while doing and making Christmas presents for my family in GA and all the dear families I have here. It's been so fun to share those secrets and excitement with them!
 We had a MAJOR sleepover with the grandkids, my kiddos, and our cousins-- or you could just say all the cousins who make our lives just FULL of happiness! I hope that one day I can have a home like this one-- where people feel very welcome at any time and there's always room for one more! :)
At lunch after a fun morning with our homeschool group seeing the Nutcraker! Like father, like son! :) My guys are super cute!
What a beautiful time of year. What a beautiful place to live. What a happy time in life... why? Because GOD is in control. Because we are praying for HIS will to be done. Is it always easy to live everyday with the sadness and sin around us? 
 No. But we can do it. And we can have peace. When we work together for HIS glory, everything falls into place. And remember to THANK HIM for everything HE blesses us with daily!!

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  1. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee! I love you and these pictures are awesome!
    Love you~