Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread and Christmas Homeschool GTG!

First off. Aunt Debbie's the coolest-- everyone in my family is, really. This family ROCKS! 
But, speaking of the coolness of Aunt Debbie: She's given us a "25 Days of Christmas" box that has a little door for each day and yummy treats inside. She opens this incredible home up to many people every week, and she never seems to run out of energy to have fun with her little sweethearts. AND... she's the one who got the fun gingerbread houses for decorating! She has the best ideas for fun-- gives the best hugs-- and helps us all remember that GOD is the most important One to please.
 My incredible Big Brother, Josh, and my amazing Dad, Mr. David.... 
Two of the best guys in all the world!
 My babies working on our gingerbread house. ;)
 I love this picture. I love the little gingerbread man, but ohhh, how I love that little smile showing those little teeth on my girl's face. To see that happiness and know that we are all together as a family working towards going home to Heaven to see Mom again... There is nothing like the bond that you can have in the church!
 Four totally cute, totally covered in candy, full of *sweet* memories, GINGERBREAD HOUSES!
 Picture by Carter-- =)
Family Fun Night is something that I look forward to all week, every week. Same as our monthly Ladies' Bible Class, our Teen Devos at JJ's, and our Homeschool Get-Togethers. This incredible fellowship time is priceless and gives us a taste of what Heaven must be like.
The homeschool get-together this month was at our house. Notice that? "OUR" house! :) I love our house. It is super cute... and it's home now. It was fun to have people over and have them see my room and visit where I live. There is something really great about having a place to call your own and being able to share it with others. This picture makes me happy. It was such a sweet and fun night because every kiddo at the party got a present.
Sweet sisters sharing a moment of lookin' at their presents together. All of the kids were so good and waited patiently until everyone had their present in hand, and then all at once, they unwrapped their gifts! Excitement on all sides!! 
 The joy that spending time together with Christian friends (not to mention getting and giving presents) is not able to be described fully. It MUST be experienced. 
So... everyone is welcome to come on over!!! Love you all! 

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  1. What super duper memories we are making together! We are so blessed with our mighty God and His gracious gift of our family! I love you and I'm so glad you are part of it.