Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Christmas, Christmas time is here" (again!) =)

So just being with kiddos is magical anyway, but being with kiddos during Christmas-- is MAJORLY magical!
Are they not the cutest, most incredible little darlings? Oh, they make my whole world!!
We had a Can-Can day and met with Aunt Chas and our girlies down at Crown Center for an awesome afternoon. We watched the Seussical-- WHICH I LOVE!!! And then looked around that incredible shopping place! I love, love, love Christmas decorations. There was a fantastic candy store and an incredible gingerbread village! I was impressed for sure!!!

My Christmas back in GA was awesome. My Christmas prep with my babies was super sweet! Also, the Heck kiddos and Mr. David have a neat tradition of going out together for an evening and getting special gifts for our amazing Miss Debbie. It was totally nice of them to let me join in this year. It was a night I will never forget. We wrapped all of her presents together, too, with loud music going, of course, which was also splendid!
Our house was beautifully decorated~Christmas in every room. I love it that way. We all helped Miss Debbie wrap, or should I say, "Mrs. Claus!?" She's fantastic! She just never stops. She had so much to do, and she made it all so much fun for all of us...
She is the sweetest grandma~ and aunt! She gave all of us little 25 days of Christmas boxes. There was a neat little surprise every day!! TOO CUTE!
And then, then! It was Christmas time~ Christmas with the Jenkins, wonderful evening! Christmas Eve-- Lots of people in our house, lots of presents under our tree, lots of love filling every room. Even Josh's. I think. =P
There was going to sleep with Madison-- singing and cuddling, waking up to the magic of Christmas morning with a little blonde girlie in my arms. Heard Hallie's voice saying that it was CHRISTMAS! What fun!
It was adorable to watch the girlies open their presents. They are precious and sweet! They made it extra special. We went in age order for the presents, one at a time. We opened stockings all together... So many of us!
There were moments of laughing until crying, and then there were the moments of sweetness and love which also brought us to tears... This life is so not about this life. It's all about the future-- about Heaven. And it is a blessing to share Christmas, and every day, with people you know you'll spend "every day" of eternity with!
And then there's the fun of the spoilin'~ new, fuzzy, cuddly blanket, lotion, jewelry, scrapbooking stuff, sweet "Heck" things for my hope chest, adorable calendar, chocolate, candles, notebooks... and sooo much wrapping paper and *tape*. =D And the MOST fun- watching my FAMILY open their gifts from me. :) They treated me just like their own daughter, and I'll never forget the joy of this Christmas as a HECK!
And that was all Saturday-- then on "Real" Christmas (which was really my 3rd Christmas day of this year), I was a Leonard. Christmas Eve was spent with my Leonards and Thayer who'd just come home. Oh, I was so happy to see them again! My GA family was in TN and called me so that I could hear my Grandad read "The Night Before Christmas." You are never too old to be read to!! 

On Christmas morning, we had fun giving gifts as our family of five. They know me so well. Lotion (I smell like Stacy! :)) Fuzzy blanket! (Snuggling in Abby's bed!!) Travel notebook! (I loveeeee me some trips! One comin' up with Abs!) Cute potholder for my hope chest! (Made by my Abs!) And lovely earrings! (And they're hearts!) LOOOOOVE! Best, best, best, though, was giving them their gifts. Funny, sweet, treasure hunt, and surprise! =) 

There were so many more memories, special moments, incredible parties, music, presents, hugs, food, friends, secrets, excitement.... So many blessings that my life is just ooooooverflowing with happiness!!! 

my friends and ALL of my family! =-)

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  1. Your Christmas sounds amazing! I love the pictures of the Heck Christmas. It looks and sounds like what Christmas really is all about. It makes a heart long for the day we can spend that time with them all the time!