Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Fun!!

 This winter has been very unusual. I'd really been hoping for a bunch of snow, I'd been planning to buckle down to more school during our cold, snowy days... well... we have had the most incredible weather and have had lots of playdates, passing out flyer days, and "just living," as Pollyanna would say. While it's not what I would have thought or planned out, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love every day.
 The day we had Brooke and the twins over to play, when they dressed up and played sooo very well together. When we had sunshine and no coats on in the beginning of the month. When we went to the library together. It was a priceless day!
 The day when McKenna wrote ALL OF THIS in school. Showing how she loves her friends, showing how much she's learning. I was so pleased. That is one smart cookie and I am blessing beyond measure to be able to spend my whole days with her. I couldn't imagine sending my little sweetness away for hours... Sigh...
 The day we got our Foosball table and we laughed SOOO hard playing as a family. Wow. It was incredible! I love any "Daddy time" that we get! These kids are so precious and LOOOOVE their Daddy more than anyone else. He is so good to us all. He works very hard and always plays hard with us. It's perfect! 
 The days when I'm able to Skype with my Shonie, my best friend in Australia. My sister. My amazing example and encouragement!! I look forward to and love our talks together!! Looking forward to whenever we're able to be in person again, but soooo thankful for technology!!
 The funny, incredible moments with my babies. They make me laugh so hard. Their giggles, their belly-shaking laughs are THE BEST sounds in the whole world! I can't describe the happiness I feel when they come running into the room I'm in just to hug me and say, "Kawa, I love you." =)
 My Sunday afternoons at my 2nd home here, my Leonards'. And especially that day when I wore my new (and one of my favorites) shirt: THINK HAPPY! Where I can just live, where I can be myself. Where I am busy, happy, and loved.
 And... THEN! There were the couple days of SNOW! I loved it! We played, played, and played!!
 It was one of my favorite days ever. I love that it can all be so special, even though there are just a few of us together, even the ones who spend all their time together. It doesn't "get old" to be together. <3 <3
This was our adorable little snowman-- AKA-- McKenna's best friend. (What I found so funny was her telling Carter the following day after he said that a lego dinosaur was his best friend, "Carter, THAT cannot be your best friend. It is NOT alive." =)

So everyday. No matter what you're doing. No matter where you go. There is goodness, there is happiness, if you will let there be. There is joy in all the things when your heart is full of SONlight! I love you all!


  1. Very cute shirt! :D

  2. You are the most precious person and you are such an encouragement to me!

  3. What little punkins! I love this post and the always! And I love you, very much.