Thursday, February 2, 2012

My 21st Birthday!!!

Every day with my sweethearts is a good one, and getting to share my birthday with them was no different...
They bring so much sunshine and joy into every day. I am blessed over and over and over to have their love touch and change my life. I would do anything for these sweethearts, and look forward to loving them for the "rest of my life," as McKenna tells me. =) Not only was I able to share my birthday with my babies, I was able to share it with...
I'd tried to call her a couple times that day, but she didn't answer. Darren got home early, without having told me before that he was gonna do that. The Hecks were out running errands when I got home... I didn't think anything was going on a at. I just started scrapbooking and then Alyssa called me. She and Christina talked to me for a while, then Daddy, too. Moma never came by the phone and said hi, but, I just figured she was busy. My Hecks got home, all came into my room, and THERE WAS MY MOMA! I was so surprised that I screamed, and then cried, cried, and cried... and then HUGGGGGED her!! What an awesome surprise!!
Aren't they just beautiful!? I got them from my best friend. It was such a fun night together getting to catch up and talk and talk and talk. I'm so blessed to have so many dear friends in my life who help me be the best that I can be and to focus all that I am on living for GOD!
My birthday dawned dark and cloudy, but turned out being lovely! We got to sleep in, go for a walk as a family, then I went to pick up my babies and head towards Higgisnville for several hours. I love that place; so many friends in one spot! I'm lucky to share my special day with my "grandparents'" anniversary. We had lunch together and enjoyed visiting. I love seeing my babies love them and call them "Grandma and Grandpa." The bond that we all have is lovely and perfect-- and it's all because of the CHURCH. 
My Abs!! I've been able to spend 3 birthdays with her and hope to spend many more, and FINALLY got to spend MY day with HER! It made me soooo happpy!!!! She gave me a super cute ~21~ ballooon, which I love. But what she gives me every day as one of my very best friends, as someone who makes me try harder every day to do what is right, and as someone who can always make me laugh, is priceless!!
McKenna really wanted to be in this pic, can you tell? ;-)
Seeing my Moma and my Stacy in the same place= Happpppiness!! These are two of my very favorite ladies, ones who help, encourage, and guide me in all their ways. I am extremely thankful for their beautiful examples in my life. And aren't they both just gorgeous?!
After our fun afternoon with my Higginsville families, we came home to Skype with my GA family-- with my Moma on THIS side of the computer! Woot! We had fun laughing, sharing presents, and talking together. I can't wait to have them all out here sometime. I love it when they're able to come see "my life" and understand why I love it so very much. I also really miss life there and just love to "eat it up" while seeing my house again over Skype and getting to say all the old funny things and tease in a way we only can understand. I love family!!
My beautiful, talented, happy, sweet, awesome Missouri Sisters. I am soooo blessed to have so many incredible sisters and brothers!!! :)
I love bein' a Country Missouri Girl!
I was very excited to get Tangled!! =)
And opening sweet presents from my wonderful family is made so much more fun and special by all the lil helpers who are super adorable!
I love my cousins, my sweethearts, my nieces!!! They all spent the night for my b-day, and it couldn't have been more fun!!! =D
This was the birthday of flowers for me. I looooooved it! I got these from my wonderful aunt and uncle and girlie girl cousins!
"I thank my God every time I think of you."
My Missouri Family.
God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good.
He's so good to me!


  1. Love you so much!! I am so glad that your birthday was so special! I miss you girl!

  2. We loved sharing your birthday with you! And we love you, muy mucho! xoxoxo