Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine's Happiness! *LOVE*

 Anyone who knows me knows that I LOOOOOVE *LOVE* thingys! Soooooo. I really like Valentine's Day! :) Here we see what the house looks like when we spend hours making Valentines and listening to Pandora "Love Station." =D
The beauty that was Valentine's Day! It is a blessing to be LOVED by our LORD. He not only made a world that was perfect for every need of a human, but He also made it BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!
Lys, my MM, Bean, Aunt Tammy, Cancan, and Colby~ My Valentine's Day night party girls!! :) Ohhh, we had a blast! During the day my babies and I had super fun having Drew over, playing in the snow, playing with all our stuffed animals, talking, and just being very, very happy. Life is so full of blessings in our Christian friends!!
On Wednesday nights for several weeks we've been getting together at Aunt Tammy's or our house for supper together before Bible class. It has been a very fun time of fellowship and encouragement. Life has many high points and many low points right now. Being together is a high point... and sin is SUCH a low point, everyday. All the time.
Bean, Lys, my babies, and I really had fun making our LOVE DAY banner. We made each letter into something fun-- and I realllllly love this one~ Made by Bean and Lys! =) Those girls are sunshine, happiness, and wonderful cousins and blessings in my life!!
Our new foosball table is a hit with all! :) Such fun!!

Beautiful red rose from my incredible Big Brother, Josh. Who is also the horrid Facebook- hacker related to fruit. hee hee hee

Keep life interest, do things "just because." Tell your family that you love them every day, more than once a day. Show those around you that you are a Christian every minute of your life. Take the chance, to "live like you were dying."

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