Thursday, April 12, 2012

Memphis Dudes, Gospel Meeting, Campaign Week!!!

My home now. 
I love this place. 
Missouri is so pretty. 
Every day I think I fall in love with it even more.

 We were so blessed at the beginning of this month to have a group from Memphis School of Preaching come to work with us for about a week.
 It was incredible. Extra people to help us work. Lots of time with our congregation fellowshipping and working together daily. Learning and loving each other more every day.
 I was so encouraged to see all our guys-- old and young-- going out doorknocking. We (the girls) mostly stayed at the building with the kiddos and making lunches. It was wonderful. So wonderful. Really, I have no words to express the amount of encouragement it brought to me.
 The kiddos-- and Josh-- so, yeah. The kiddos. =D
 Our Memphis Dudes. I loved having them with us!! God bless them all as they continue to work for the Lord.
 My sweethearts in my Bible Class. These kiddos push me to try harder and do better every time as I teach them. They brighten my life as they come running into the building yelling my name. I am SO blessed!
 I love this little princess!!
 Visiting together-- loving the extra people who visited for our meeting. We had two baptisms during the course of the week. What a HUGE encouragement that was! God bless Jill and Marcus!!
 Getting work done downstairs. It was so fun to sing and work together. I would love to do it every day, always. :)
 Look at all those dishes! I am thankful for dirty dishes-- it means we have food, so many great fellowship times together in this building. God gives us soooooo much!
 Having an awesome supper at Pizza Hut with the whole gang!! What a fun night!!
 Not only was it a beautiful week of work for the Lord-- it was a BEAUTIFUL week, weather wise. The rain held off almost the whole time. We reached over 2000 homes. I took my babes doorknocking one morning. They did so wonderfully. They made me so happy!!
 My congregation. (Plus many friends from other places.) I love this place. To GOD be the glory for all that was done that week, and every week. Please pray for the souls that the gospel was spread to-- and for us that we might say and do the right things teaching these souls.
 Lots of encouraging and funny times with the preacher students! They are great guys!
 It was a super di duper week-- but we were tired out by the end (or sometimes beginning) of each day! Our sweethearts did such a good job being sweet all week. We have such dear little ones. We must take the time and teach them about God the right way. They are so very important!
We made new friends for life this week. You never know when you might mean the world to someone. When your actions might keep someone walking on the straight path. Live like you're dying, live like your life depends on it. BECAUSE IT DOES. 
 I was thrilled to have had the week in Memphis to be encouraged and with so many dear friends. But I missed my babies and my home congregation. This week. I was thrilled to be back home with my babies, working every day with my congregation, getting on an even higher "high" from doing the Lord's work with the Lord's church. What a blessing to have been able to share it with my two darlings. They were good, VERY good, all week. I am so thankful for their God-loving little souls. I pray that they will continue to learn and grow about HIM every day. That is what matters the most in life. God is so good.

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  1. What an encouraging and uplifting post! Thank you for you loving, kind, hard working tireless spirit! I love you!