Sunday, April 29, 2012

Count your blessings, name them one by one!! =)

 New friends! Enjoying a morning together and just learning over again that the church is truly a family!
 SMILE-- it makes the world brighter!!! hee hee hee
 My princess!!
 My precious!!!
 Sweethearts from my amazing congregation!!
 THE ONE, THE ONLY-- LUCY KAY COZORT!!!! I am a very happy aunt! <3
 My babies meeting our newest little member of the family. She is so tiny. So sweet.
 God's power in creating such a perfect little one is just overwhelming. I love seeing this little person who I have loved for 9 months. She's a keeper!! :)
 Egg hung at Aunt Chas'-- perfect, sugar-filled!!
 My Dustin. =)
 My beautiful sis-- my Candice. With her NO-BRACES smile!!
 Sweet KenKen with her cupcake at Aunt Chas'! :)
Our twins, Jacob and Joshua at Missouri Town!
 Had a super fun day getting to hang with another set of incredible twins-- Cooper and Ryley!
My Rylan! =)

Just a quick look at a number of precious blessings in my life!!!! 


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