Saturday, April 28, 2012

A perfect party!!

 My princess...
 I love her so much!
 She shines like the sunshine!
 And makes my world a better place!
 Some of my family, some of my best friends. 
The amazing Jill who did our hair and make-up. :)
 Our girls' class had an awesome party at Aunt Chas'...
 My princesses!!
 This totally cracks me up. Perfect lookin' princess... fruit-ninjaing! :D ha ha
 My Aunt Tammy. She is beautiful. Inside and out. She made this night happy and wonderful for me. I am so blessed to have her laughter, hugs, and smiles in my life. Not only is she my aunt, but she more importantly is my sister in Christ. She is headed on the one path to Heaven. We never have enough time together on this earth, so I can't wait to spend eternity with her!!
 My three sweet, beautiful, perfect little nieces at our Girls' Garden Party! :) 
Don't they make you happy?!
 Two girls. Two middle children. Two friends for life. <3 I love my Hallie Girl!
 The ladies who not only made this night fantastic, but also every day of our lives. We, as teen girls and young ladies, need women in our lives who have been there before us. Who have given all to following God with their whole hearts. We need to be able to ask questions and get good, sound advice. These ladies have been just that in our lives. Colby and Ash did an amazing job teaching our girls' class for the quarter and we are now having a monthly class because we all saw the huge benefit and blessing it was to our lives. Tina is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and she is so easy to talk to. I love anytime I get to be with her. And then my MM and my Aunt Chas?! How can I describe how incredibly awesome they are?! I can't!! We are all blessed girls to have them in our lives!
 My table for the evening with 4 fantastic friends!
 My sweet, sweet Can of Ice =)
 My MM and My Can Can (From Rylee's viewpoint sitting down)
 Sometimes life is stressful. Sometimes there seems to be more bad than good. Sometimes you think you can't take one more step. Well, LAUGH! Because that makes everything better! And these girls did just that! It was fantastic!!
Our beautiful view at night...

Never think that life doesn't have blessings in it. Never forget to look for the good. 
Be sure to surround yourself with people who love the Lord. Who will build you up. 
Keep on fighting the good fight, no matter who might let you down, leave you hurting. 
We've all fallen short at times, be there for each other. Don't ever give up-- while there is breath, there is hope. Pray for each other. And make sure to take the opportunities to tell those who are dear to you that you love them. A lot. =) Thanks for being my fantastic network of friends and family!

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