Thursday, June 30, 2011

Josefina Camp!

My sister and I have done Summer Camps for sweet little girls for years. This year I was asked to do one in Missouri. This was planned before I called this amazing place my real home. I even got to be in Missouri and talk about camp with Aunt Shauna. I can see her big, bright smile thinking about how much fun the girlies would have with us. She was so great about sharing joys and plans with. I hold that as a very special trip, and talking together as one of the best moments. Oh, I miss her. I wish that we could have shared this with her, but I am happy that we were able to share it with her little princess. 

Summer Camp fun~ American Girl Style!

Josefina Camp!!
Playing Rainbow Tag-- That's "my" awesome house in the background! YES! I live in a YELLOW house! How perfect is that?!
7 little Josefinas and 3 big ones! :)
Such a pair of cuties! McKenna's face makes my heart sooo happy!
Cooking in the most beautiful kitchen ever!
Abby reading to our girls!
Sewing pouches like Josefina's...
7 little Josefinas! =D
Playing! Oh! I love playing! And this is one of my favoirte games-- Little Blind Hen!
Playing the flower game-- which we always play with a ring! hee hee And which brings on LOTS of fits of giggles!!
Our 10-year-old birthday girlie!!
Beautiful outfits made by Alyssa McAfee (Who is talented beyong all reason!:D)

My Missouri Sisters! They made this camp great! And are they not just the most lovely girls you've ever seen!? And they are just as sweet, kind, funny, and Christ-like as they are beautiful!

The camp was perfect. Abby and Candice were great. The girls were super sweet and fun to be with. Their giggles and happiness made every moment wonderful for us big girls. We each enjoyed the time together. They are always such great teaching times… for all involved—but it’s such a big responsibility, too. These young sweethearts look up to us with big, trusting eyes. We spend hours and hours together. We could hurt or help these little ladies so easier. It is a very clear reminder that life is about living for God every minute and being the best example that we can be to everyone we are with. These darling little girls are all headed in the right direction. It is such a blessing to be with Christian families. How happy these past couple days were… the cooking, the reading, the running, the playing games, the singing, the smiling, the painting, the sewing, the memory-making… *happpppy sigh* And to be at home with my Hecks! I loved being here. Having our “mom” around and my “brothers.” They looked in on what we were doing and shared some of the fun and all of the snacks! They shared the house with all of us crazy, happy, laughy, busy girls. It was fun, fun, fun!

Missing my Alyssa and Christina, though. We have so many shared memories from summer camps from the past several years. They are both soooo good at camps. Alyssa can do anything! Christina is so funny! All our little girls in GA are as sweet as can be… such a blessing to have “sisters” and “little girls” everywhere. Love you girls… J Y’all make life soooooooo sweet!


  1. thanks for sharing all these photos...
    some very happy memories were made and now they are planning the next one!

  2. What a super fun and cute post! I'm not sure how I missed this one. :) I love you bunches and all the time you took with the girls! They had such a wonderful good time. Candice and Abby appreciated your efforts and including them! Love you! xoxo