Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dream Come True! =)

You know those places you've been that you just LOVE?!
And then you know those places that have set get-togethers or parties or holidays... and you just always wished that you'd be able to be there for them... but never really thought that you would?!
And then you know that AMAZING feeling when you DO get to be there for just the event you wanted to attend?!?!?!
Yep. Yeah. Uh huh! That's what happened to me this month (and for many months in a row now...)! I got a DREAM COME TRUE!
Know what it was? It was being at MY Leonards' for the 
January Homeschool Get-Together!!!!!!!!!
It was an evening of smiles, hugs, happiness, laughing, fellowship, prayer together, food galore, reading, legos, tackling, flag football (in the cold!), squealing, dress up, sliding in a box, and did I mention HAPPPINESS?!
There is nothing better than the feeling of being in a safe, wonderful, God-centered HOME filled of Christians!!!

And the best, best, BEST thing about our HOMESCHOOL GTGs? They're not just once a year, not even just once a month... all of these people live CLOSE together and we can fellowship together every week-- often more than once a week, even. This is a place where we can be strong, stand together, and LIVE for Christ. I am blessed every day by the bond that has been shared with me here in MO. 


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