Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"To Grandparents' House We Go!"

My sweethearts and I made a trip down to Belle to see our incredible grandparents. What fun it was to spend the night with them and then all day long just happily being together and relaxing. It has been a long time since I'd gotten to be with them, and it made me so happy. When I drove up, I really felt like I was "home" at MY grandparents'. They are so good to us all!
While we were there, my sweet angel girl lost her first tooth! It was so ready to come out- she almost got it out on her own, but then told me to "Just pull it out, Kara!" at the last minute. She was brave. Isn't she gorgeous!?! We called Daddy to tell him about it.
Then... before long... out came the second tooth. I didn't even know that it was loose until right then. It wasn't as ready to come out, but my sweetheart keeps messing with them until they're ready... and out we got this one, too. Wow. Doesn't she look so much older already?!
We spent time just walking, talking, reading, sleeping... living. =) It's good to get away sometimes.
This is my favorite tree. I love their yard. It is huge, fun to ride a four-wheeler on, and amazing to run across.
Look at that happy girl--  I love it when she smiles! When Kenna and I were riding the four-wheeler with Grandpa, he'd get it going a bit faster, and her giggles of delight were incredible! It couldn't have been a more perfect day!
I loved everything about this day away from all the craziness of life, just getting to enjoy the little things and look at the SONSHINE-- which shines through every part of our lives, if we will just let it. HE is so good to balance everything in life with goodness and peace and wonderfulness. Candice traveled down and back with me. It was lovely to catch up with my sweet sis. She is such a good girl. We read a book together and talked and talked and talked. :) *happpppy sigh!*
Once back at home, we had a super di duper time getting to visit with Grandma, Grandpa, Stacy, and Abby every day at the hospital when Miss Nancy Thayer had knee-replacement surgery. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. And when we came home one day and washed the car... we played in the mud, too!! =D
My teeny baby niece. Our sweet Lucy Kay. There is nothing so wonderful as holding and watching this little blessing every time we're together. God's creations are the most amazing and incredible things. No human could possibly make such a perfect little bundle of joy. She is a ray of sunshine in our lives!! 
My Abby-- and Rizzo! :) We had a wonderful time walking at the park and just hanging out. The little things in life are so special. Take the time to be with those who you love. You'll never be sorry that you did. Live to make the world a better place-- so, teach about our LORD every day! Remember that today could be the last day. Make it worth something
I lost a friend this week. She was not a Christian. Her life, though many people loved her, was empty- there was no point to it, because she didn't have GOD at the center of it. I am determined to NOT have that said about me when I die. GOD is the center of my life. I pray that I'll always stay strong and keep HIM there. You do that, too-- and help me. I love you all!

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