Monday, July 23, 2012

Carter Boyd, my Big and Tiny~

The little man turns 4!! 
Wow. He was JUST two when I moved here... 
then quickly turned 3... now. 4?!
He is one of the funniest, cutest, sweetest (when he wants to be!), and kissable little dudes you've ever seen!
He likes to dress himself-- notice the two pairs of shorts and the two shirts and the top one being backwards-- he says, "I wike it this way." =D
Carter Boyd and McKenna Anne in their birthday jerseys from Dad. They are cool kiddos just like their parents! Carter puts a million things around the waist of his pants without pockets-- so, I'm sure you can imagine what happens when he HAS pockets to put things into-- FULL!
"Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!!!"
When Carter comes to give you kisses, when he tells all about his dragons and dinosaurs, when he laughs so hard he can hardly breath, THAT'S when you know that life is AMAZING. =)
A little tiger found his way into my house the other day... he is precious and sweet, funny and smart. He melts my heart in a moment. His imagination is too big for words! He talks all day long and sings constantly. I LOVE IT!
Opening presents with Dad during his birthday party. SO fun. I love the Heck and Morton families all being together. What a blessing my kiddos have in their families.

The awesome Uncle David Heck is Carter's birthday buddy. SO neat. I love sharing my birthday with a friend is Australia and some of my adopted grandparents for their anniversary. Carter loves his Uncle David very much! :) So, a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to MD!
Watch it... he's after YOU!
Carter and Kenken are both summer babies,
so we have a lot of WATER FUN on their days!!
I pray for this little man every day. It is such a blessing to watch him grow. When he tells me answers to Bible questions, I get so excited. When he shows me something new he can do on his own, I'm thrilled (and sad inside, too!). One day, I hope that he will be just as loving and caring to a wife as he is to me. He makes me feel like a princess. 

Happy Birthday, baby. 
I love you.

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