Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happiness is Hugs and Hilarious Friends!

My Barretts!!! This family means so very much to me. I LOVE to spend time with them and just LIVE. :)
My Missouri Momma, TAMMY! =)
My sweet little cousin, (left) two adorable nieces (middle and right), and the one, the only McKenna!!
Funny kiddos. HOT HATS which they played with outside on a HOT DAY!!!
The MOST ADORABLE tiger you ever did see-- Thank you, Aunt Kelly and Jill!
Pulling out Kaylee's 1st tooth! She was a brave and awesome girl!
McKenna and Madison on Madison's 5th birthday after going to see BRAVE. (Which I LOVED! -- especially because I got to hold Lucy the ENTIRE time and sit by Ash and Carter. GOOD TIMES!)
Miss Lucy Kay!
Madison in her new birthday dress!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADISON!!! (Uncle Josh is pretty funny, huh?)
I LOVE this little girl!!! 
She is SO cute! I got to sit by her, and we had tacos. 
Some of the sweetest, best, most adorable, funny, pretty girls right there-- 
I am so blessed to know them all! 

"When I count my blessings, I always count you TWICE!"

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