Thursday, June 28, 2012

American Girl Camp

 We love little girls. 
We love cooking. 
We love dressing up. 
We love history.
We love crafts. 
We love reading. 
We love snacks.
We love playing games...
 Miss Debbie is soooo nice to let us use her house and fill it with little sweethearts!
 Aren't they just TOOO cute?!?! 12 precious little princesses!
 I LoVe my Abby and my CanCan!! Aren't the dresses great, too!? These two were the biggest helps, we had the best time, and just totally enjoyed being together. 
Yay for best friends!!
 This little man was SO good during the camp-- he played with the boys and tried out a few things about camp with us girls. He is precious and good. This is him writing with quill and ink.
 Lunch was a FUN time of day. 
Ok, who am I kidding?! ALL TIMES OF THE DAY were fun times of day!
The lovely Candice and sweet Aubrie! Aubrie is wearing Candice's dress. Little Candice wore that dress years ago at Roundhouse... *I. love. memories!*
Here is BOB. He dressed us to show the girls a DUDE during Felicity's time. It was greeted with LOADS of squeals! I love happiness and funny times and love!

Camp was super busy, so fun, and over too quickly! 
 Lookin' forward to next year already! =) 

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