Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fantastic Camping Weekend! :)

A really, really, really good weekend was our CAMPING WEEKEND! Our congregation almost all got to go to a State Park. It was a pretty, pretty weekend.
We had the best food, the best fellowship, the best time!!
The super cute, super cool, SETH!!!!!!!!!!!
My Sweet, Lovely Girl, my Sis, ABBYYYYY!!
There were racoons everywhere. It was funny to watch them. We put everything away and all went to bed. Then I went back to get a drink and didn't have any light with me. I was singing and not paying much attention, getting closer over to the table by the fire. I heard a noise and I was like, "Jonnnn." Thinking it was one of my friends. Then I looked up, and realized it was a BUNCH of racoons.
The yummiest-- and longest coming-- breakfast of my life. The weather could not have been more perfect! Stacy got me GOOD when we were doing the dishes together. I loved all the fun "work" that went into camping, as well as all the time to walk, relax, be outside, and just spend time together with people who I love soooooo much!!
The AWESOME, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, Jon and Nikayla!!! =)
Being together all the time, learning so many things at the same time, focusing on God and His Word with each other...I love this girl. She helps me, teaches me, is love to be around, is a constant encouragement. I am blessed to have my Nikayla in my life!! And her whole family!!
The country is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playin' at the park with the cool kiddos from my congregation. I love the park. I love the sweet Bible Classes with these sweethearts. =)
My life is full of many, many miles... and my cute little car helps me do it all. 
There are so many blessings in life. Some that we forget to think of often:
Car. Clothes. House. Food. Smiley Face on the front of the car... hee hee. =) 
I love life. 

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