Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sunshine's 6th Birthday!

McKenna Anne Heck is now 6! We had a super fun birthday party for her, Aubrie and Rylee! They are 11 and 9! How the time does fly!!!
It was a JUSTIN BIEBER day!!! =)
Adorable girl in CUTE new clothes from her aunts!
Jill made her a cute birthday cake which we ate for breakfast!
6 years old!!!! June 22nd!!! It was a FUN day!!
~Dear McKenna, Precious girl, I am so thankful to be able to spend so many hours with you every day. You teach me so much. The fun times of singing and dancing together, hearing you laugh with your head thrown back, waking up to kiss you every morning... you make life so wonderfully happy. You are a crack up, girlfriend, and I can't ever see your tiny teeth, your curly hair, or feel one of your hugs without thanking GOD that I have you in my arms today. Your Bible knowledge is great, your love and care for others in very noticeable, you are able of so many things without help now. You are tall, dark, and GORGEOUS! You care about GOD. And that is the sweet little heart that I just love. Thank you for being amazing! I love you forever, Your Kara :) ~
CUTE siblings!!
Look at that stylin' dude!!!
Princess McKenna!!! Now 6 years old!!! A whole new year begins!!
COOL kiddos outside the pet store. We all LOVE sunglasses!
Here are our new fishy friends! Happy Birthday, sweethearts!!
McKenna got lots of nice cards from friends-- this one is from my family in GA. We are looking forward to going to see them in less than 2 weeks.
At breakfast and lunch I had little presents waiting for our girl. Cake for breakfast, pizza for lunch, then Dad took her out for Chinese for supper and swimmin' in the afternoon. SHE was a blessed, happy, perfectly-spoiled princess--we all LOVE her!!
Tina made our Kenna brownies~ soooo cute and sweet! We sang Happy Birthday and played, played, played. It was girls' night at Aunt Tammy's, so McKenna got to play with a bunch of her friends on her birthday, too. Jill took her shoppin' for her birthday the next morning, and then they went to see the new movie, Brave. It was a wonderful weekend for our girl. She blesses us every day. Every day we get to spend with her is like a PARRRRRTY! =) 

<3 LIFE IS GOOD! <3 

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