Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime Playdates!

Colored Bubbles!!! We had the best time with Miss Nancy Goring!!
She brought us the coolest bubbles, the yummiest sweet breakfast (including chocolate milk)!, and the most fun ever just talking and being together visiting.
The Cute. Yellow. Bubble. Boy. :)
See how lovely?! The world God gave us, and the minds He gave to humans are just fantastic!!
Reading time, hugs, smiles... the morning flew by!!
Blowin' ballons-- McKenna has learned how to blow then, how to tie them-- and how fun it is to put candy in them! She's also learned to tie her own shoes! She is growing and learning soooo quickly!!
That's my Gran and my Grandad (My Dad's parents). It was AMAZING to have them with me for a weekend. They got to meet a lot of my dear friends and family here. It felt so normal to be with them, but so super incredible to be able to show them my Missouri!!
Gran and Grandad were able to worship at my cute congregation. I love to spend time with them. My grandparents have done so much to make me who I am- to show me how to live my life- to never stop learning, trying, and growing. They have pushed and challenged me in many things. I love them forever!!
Sweet Shark Boy at a lovely pool day with Katie, Tammy, Tina, Candice, Bean, Andrew, Addyson, Wyatt, McKenna, and Carter. Wow. Those people are BLESSINGS in my life!! =)


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