Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Joys!

 For... almost as long as I can remember, for these past several years, Abby Leonard has been one of my very, very best friends. SHE is the reason that I came to Missouri that first time... and I've loved it ever since!
 We talked through the school year last year that when we got to the summer, we wanted to spend a WHOLE WEEK together. And so, we reached the summer, found a week. And that's just what we did!
 It was FANTASTIC! Spending the night with friends, eating out, late night movie, American Girl Camp, playing in the fountain at Crown Center, girls' Bible Study, hanging with Carter and McKenna together, making artwork with the kiddos, playing with Rizzo, going on a walk, playing at the park, swimming, talking and talking, singing and watching videos, dancing around the house. LAUGHING. And some sleeeeeeping! =)
 Carter Boyd Heck soakin' up the son, while he "Lives in the Sunshine!"
McKenna loves anything that involves water!! =)
 We had a super di duper time makin' art with Abs. Music, colors, paint, happiness!
 There's just nothing in the world so wonderful as spending time with someone you love so much. And someone who the kiddos love so much. Friends are such blessings. I could go on and on listing all the things that we've done together, how much fun we've had. We get along wonderfully and know each other crazy well. I love my Abs SO much!
 We got a kitty!! I LOVE HIM!! His name is Wesley. 
He is gorgeous. He is funny. Everyone loves him!
 For Father's Day, Jill had an awesome idea of takin' pics of the kiddos holding letters to spell out DAD. Candice took the pictures, we did it as a surprise, and we put on "church clothes" and went to the side of the building to have the awesome brick look.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of ALL TIME!
 They are too cute. And Funny. We had to say "Funny pictures" and "Good smiles." They did wonderfully!
This. Is. A. Handsome. Boy. 

"Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done. Count your blessings. Name them ONE BY ONE. Count your many blessings see what GOD HAS DONE!"

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  1. I love the pictures so much! So much joy and sunshine!

    By the way, we sang that song last night during our song/prayer service and Benjamin said, "Um, no. Two-by-two. TWO. BY. TWO." (thinking about the animals on the ark...) LOL