Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just one of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days... where life just is AWESOME?!

You didn't really do anything "incredible" but everything was AMAZING?!
Like playing dress up with the cutest kiddos in the world... maybe even seeing a little boy in a dress?! :)

What about just plopping down on the floor to play with your doggie and cousins and run around the house singing and dancing? Doesn't it just make you feel happy inside?!

 And those times when you don't "just make popcorn"-- you make popcorn and put it in cute movie-lookin' bowls, add some sweets, mattresses on the floor, lots of pillows, blankets, a funny movie, and the volume up a ways... and talk about having some cuties to cuddle with. Life is just better that way...

Try swinging sometime. Back to back with a friend, or even a sibling. Swing high. Sing and laugh a lot while doing it. There is NO way that you can have a bad time, it's such fun. Especially when feeling the coolness of the day because we're getting closer to ROUNDHOUSE WEATHER (Sorry... just had to stick that in!!)!!

Enjoy the little things-- like how crazy-cute your little guy looks when he's all wet and doesn't realize you've made his hair messy... =) Smile a lot. His little adorable voice helps bring on the smiles with ease! If you don't have a little one of your own, find one to spend a heap of time with. It will make your day crazy great!

Swim. Run. Walk. Ride. Play. Just get out there and enjoy! And do it with a friend. It will be a great chance to visit, encourage, and notice all the goodness around us. When you're helping someone else, you WILL help yourself, too. So, do it! 

School with little ones is just awesome. Field trips, time with friends, learning in all things every day. They will blow you away with the things they remember and talk about. Kenna Girl "preached" a great lesson to me while we were going down to Higginsville. LISTEN to your little ones who are being taught the gospel-- they will teach you more than you'd ever expect. They understand more than you know. Take those opportunities to teach them more and more about God as well. You will never look back and say, "I was really too busy to stop and teach them that moment..." Just doesn't work that way! :)

Like my new truck? I needed something bigger so I can take all my kiddos and friends-- it's a good look, don't you think? =D And I won't have to worry about being late.. I'd turn those lights and sirens on... hee hee hee Let your kids try new things and play around, but you need to, too. It is FUN! 

Some days really aren't that great of days, 'cause you don't call the ambulance or the fire station on good days... It reminded us of the hardships that people go through every day. Be thankful for every day that you don't need to call them or that life is good for you, and also, be thankful that they are there if you do need to call them, and remember to pray for the people involved in accedients when you have to pull over to the side of the road and let the trucks pass. 

Yeah, we have a LOT of "those days"-- the ones where you're just happy inside for a million little reasons!!! The ones where you need to stop and thank God over and over for the blessings that He showers upon us. Life as a Christian is so rewarding! Don't let anything get in your way of having ONE OF THOSE DAYS filled with happiness and praise to our FATHER and KING!

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