Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ladies' Day...

My VERY FAVORITE way to spend time is with my Christian family. 

Just hanging out, 
singing, praying,
running around with giggling kiddos...
and studying together.

And I got to do ALL of those things at our amazing Ladies' Day!

Sweet and Precious Promises

Doesn't it look too precious!? 
These ladies can do make any and every place look 
warm, cute, gorgeous, and inviting...

Then add a few smiles from these little ones who are so sweet and good... 

 And this little girl who can make me smile just by walking into a room-- not to mention when she comes running for hugs, talking, talking, and talking. :) This girl and I get along well! =D hee hee 

 I was so pleased and happy with our attendance! 
To God be the Glory!
The very full row where I was sitting with my family, my kiddos, my friends. 
What a blessing Christians are in my life!!!!

 Speaking of blessings in my life: How about my MM? =) She's so cute. And there are many things about her life that I pray one day I'll get to have/ do /be... Wife. Mom. Homemaker. 
Homeschool teacher. Sewing. Decorating. Running. 
Living each day to the glory of our Father. 
Enjoying the little hugs and kisses from her blessings and grandblessings. 
Praying and letting God be in control. Being an incredible friend and encourager... 
and the list goes on....

 Fellowship time! :) LOVE being in a room full of such a happy buzz of 
conversations flying every which way!

 Friends! :) :)

Black and White day, I guess! =) LOVE each one of these ladies sooo much. I've not had most of them in my life all that long, but I cannot imagine life without them all now... they have been so welcoming, so friendly. <3

You can't leave a Ladies' Day without feeling encouraged, built-up, renewed. 
Ready to take on the world again, 
no matter what troubles it tries to throw your way.
Knowing that you have so many people to help and support you. 
Seeing the joy we can have in Christ together. 
It was all perfect. 
Looking forward to Heaven is a goal we should all work towards daily. 
Pray for one another. And live like you were dying!

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  1. Ladies Day was very uplifting and encouraging. Beautiful day, beautiful friendships, beautiful family. Love your pictures! xoxo