Monday, August 29, 2011

Always makes me think of "home," of Missouri! =)

You know those things that ALWAYS make you think of someone or something you love? Well, Missouri was a BIG LOVE of mine before I officially called it home (and official like-- I now have my MO drivers license! WOOT~)... and there are lots of great memories of those 5 visits to Missouri since May 26th, 2009...

Going to the zoo for Abby's 12th birthday with the Leonards, Thayers, Purdoms and Seth.
Going to the zoo with Ashley, Madison, Hallie, Abby, Omi, Candice, Bob, Dustin, and my MM.
Going to the zoo with my sweethearts and Aunt Chas and her sweethearts...
Such funnnnn times!

FINALLY I have been to this store! Lots of my friends talk about this place and it took 5 visits to MO and 3 months of living here to FINALLY go there! We'll be going back, I'm sure. And it's just fun to say the name...

Walking, running, driving... country roads, good music, even better company... exercising more than just our bodies while walking. Noticing the beauty of what God has put all around us. Talking and teaching one another and being even more focused on living the Christian life!
And new runnig shoes!! Woot, woot, woot! Thank you, Darren! :)

These foods just SAY "MISSSSSSOURI LIFE" to me! :)
Sooooooooo many good memories!!

Washin' dishes with my Stacy... such good times to talk, sing, laugh. Look out at that beautiful Missouri sky... just be happy at home.
Lots of washin' dishes fun goes on with my kiddos, even though we have a dishwasher. They are such good little helpers. Good to be working together on something with our hands and able to have sweet converstaions.
And LOTS of dishes at my house with my Heck siblings! FUN times. Just watch out if you have your laptop on the table playin' music and Facebook pulled up... someone-- JOSH-- might write something as you! =P
First trip I made to MO was almost the first time I'd ever had Dr. Pepper. Makes me think of my Abs every time. Lots of fun times swimmin' and having a Dr. Pepper at the pool. Love my girl time with my sweet sis! <3

One of the things I fell in love with on my very first trip to Missouri was the sky. The hugeness of it is amazing to me. I love how you can just look and look... for so far. Every day, every time of day, is just gorgeous here! I've lived here 3 months and the beauty of the sky had not in the slightest begun to diminish in total amazingness to me. It shows God's extreme power and love to me each day.

Fallin' for You

And this song... happy sigh. It just makes me happy. And makes me think of my HOME. My Missouri...

I love being here. I love GA. I miss my incredible friends and all the memories there... Can't wait to come see you all sometime, and know that you're always welcome to visit out here, too!
~Most of all, I can't wait to go to my REAL home-- HEAVEN!~  


  1. I am so glad that my home in Missouri makes me think of YOU! I love you sweetie, and love having you in our life! xoxo