Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One thought leads to another...

My kiddos and I had a great time going to the zoo with Aunt Chas and her girlies a few weeks ago. While we were there, I was sitting looking at an awesome polar bear swimming through a habitat made just right for him, even though we're in Missouri.
It got me to thinking of how God made this world with so many different climates, so many varied animals and foods, and how every plant lives in just the right place for the type land it grows on... This doesn't just "happen." There is such design and planning in every part of God's creation.
And it almost made me think of how God made our brains smart enough to build things. Anything from cars and planes, to clothes, houses, putting different types of foods together to make tasty recipes. And that we can study enough of the world that God made us so that we can "recreate" it for the animals at the zoo. Is our God not totally amazing!?
After thinking of that, it led me to think of how amazingly Our Father made us. Our bodies are so fragile, yet so tough. Been praying and thinking of how the body heals after a break lately. We are so used to our bodies working well. When they don't, it really hits us how perfectly God made us and how blessed we are when our bodies are well. Thank God for the days when you can carry those laundry baskets upstairs or down, when you can mop the floor on your knees, when you can pick up your little sweethearts. It is a BLESSING!!
The trips I've been on in the past month have been breathtaking. God made everything from the mountains, to the beaches with such skill. It is a blessing to be alive and able to notice and see and enjoy these things. I guess the short message of this blog is:
~Notice what God has so amazing created,
~Do not take it for granted,
~Thank HIM for His wonderfulness,
~And share it with the world.
~Live in the moment,
~Be thankful for everything, while remembering what is the reason for life.
~Take the time to tell those that you love, that you love them.
~Don't come home and take out your tiredness or irritation on your family. Remember that they are the biggest blessings in your life and treat them so.
~Always hug your family goodbye before leaving. One day you'll wish you had one more hug from them...
~Do everything to the glory and praise of God.
~Be ready for Heaven!!
~Hugs to you all, I love you!~

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  1. Amen and amen!!! Worded so perfectly, perfectly true for sure and certain! ;) Love you sweetie!