Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PTP Weekend... I wish it could have gone on forever!

Polishing the Pulpit is the most encouraging and uplifting event I've ever been a part of. I know that it's a lot of money and a long drive for many and it's close before Roundhouse, BUT! It is worth every penny and so much more and it benefits everyone who attends.

The lessons come from experienced and dedicated teachers and students of God's Word. They are given in love and guidance, with the hope to strengthen and push us all on to doing what is right and reaching our goal of Heaven. The lesson time flies by. When they give the "10 minute" signal, I'm not ready for them to be done!

It was super fun to be in the Modesty Fashion Show. There were 16 of us girls in it, and it was nice to get to know them all better. They were each beautiful, and while they looked "good" both times they went out, these girls never looked so lovely as when they were showing the world that you can choose to dress modestly, act in the right way, and even say your favorite Bible verses... 

PTP is not only spiritually filled with wonderfulness, but the drive up there from ATL and the views while there are just breathtaking. When you are focused on God, you see His power and might everywhere. Our God is an awesome God, He reigns!

One of the speakers, one of my friends, one of my heroes, and one of the fumiest and most adorable ladies in the whole world, my Kathy Pollard!

 My Wine Sisters from Roundhouse! :)

This pretty girl is sooo awesome. And short. Just have to say, she was on her tip toes here! hee hee Lur looks cute in everything she wears, and especially that smile! :) I love you, sis! 

Some of my wonderful roomies! :) The weekend went by too quickly with too little time with them, but oh, I did love the moments we got together! 

New friends, old friends, all going one place together-- HEAVEN! 

Flying to Atlanta and driving to East Tennessee ended up being the cheapest way to get to PTP. And what a wonderful time I had getting to ride to and from TN with my Quinns!! They are so wonderful, and I miss them heaps! It was nice to be able to catch up, laugh, sing, and just enjoy the beauty of the mountains together. I was also blessed to be able to worship at Duluth Sunday night before leaving to come home. I love walking back into those doors, seeing those faces that I love too much to ever express. I really feel like "how can I ever leave again?" as soon as I walk in... I'm back home when I'm there. We had a singing that night. It was incredible. And my Meg, my Kellen and Aislinn, my Jordan, my Jen... and so many others were there. I hugged every single person there at least once. **Happpppppiness** My baby girl turned 4 that day. That little lady has had such a special place in my life ever since she was born. I miss her every day. I'd not seen my Jordan in way too long. She really shouldn't be that tall compared to me... ha :)

While it was a crazy-short trip and I missed many fun events here at home, PTP did its job. It made me long for Heaven even more. It made me more set to go there and to share the gospel more so that others can know and want to go to Heaven as well. It made me look more into my life and want to get rid of anything that is not good and kind and loving and Christ-like. Are you ready for Heaven right now? If not, why not?

Love you all so much! <3


  1. Love the pictures, Kara. I enjoyed being able to spend more time getting to know you at PTP. You are a special person.

  2. I am. And I am glad we have each other to encourage each step of the way. I love you sweetie!

  3. That was awesome! I soooo know Miss Lacey Deaver!!! She was at our E.W.E.S. camp this summer. What a small world:)