Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Aunt Shauna!

The family came together and wrote messages to Shauna. Then we headed to the garden...
And we let them go... up, up, up...
And they stayed together. It made me think that we, as the family still here, have to stick together and work towards Heaven. We can't let life get in the way of serving God.
Three of the sweetest girlies in the world. I am thankful for their 4 parents who give them the biggest blessings possible: LOVE, GOD, and FAMILY!
Dear Aunt Shauna,
Today was your 30th birthday. You got to have it in Heaven. That is something that we can only dream of. How wonderful to be there with our Father and the angels and the saved. I am thankful every day that you lived a life that gave glory and honor to Him and that you have now reached your reward for the glorious life you lead.
The day dawned cloudy. I missed the sunshine. But, wouldn't you know, just as it was time for us to come outside and let the balloons fly, the sunshine came through, smiling through the green leaves all around your house, making us smile, too. You would have loved seeing the 30 bright, happy balloons in your living room. McKenna really liked them. There were messages on each one for you from your family. McKenna is working towards being able to write her letters. She knows the letters of her name. Pretty soon she'll be writing anything. Your little lady is so smart, so eagar to learn. She wrote you a note. And Carter drew you a blue picture. Both kiddos are sooo into blue!
We went to On the Boarder for you. I'd never been. We ate outside and enjoyed the sunshine and coolerness of the day. It was the nicest day of summer we've had! It was wonderful to be together. All of your sisters are so beautiful. So different. Each so neat in her own way. Carter wore a hat yesterday. It was super cute on his little head. McKenna is very good about brushing her own hair now. She likes to do mine, too. She's got the gentlest fingers. She was so excited that it was your birthday and we were having a party. We made lemonade. She did it almost by herself. She loves to be in the kitchen. She talks of you often while we cook.
Some days I find myself almost waiting for you to come home... you feel so close. Other days it hits me so hard that you're not here. You won't be back. We have to come to you. I know you're doing perfectly wonderful... so I hate to say that I want you back. But, oh, as I'm with your family... I so want you to be here. I feel very blessed to now be here and know your family, but I'd rather have never known this blessing if we could have you still, and have you well. I love the way that you are loved. Thinking of you makes people smile. You gave such happiness to those around-- close by you and far away. I think often of those nights when we chatted. Do you know how dearly I hold those chats with you? The night worshiping with you, the day I came with Stacy and Abs to be with you and the kiddos... If only there'd been so many more, but how glad I am for those times!
I think the kids are doing well, but they miss you. So much. While we were in Colorado, I was carrying Carter down to the pool (he's not afraid to hop right in that water with his lifevest- he loves it!) and we were looking at the mountains surrounding us. I told him that I wished that Mommy were there. I told him how much you would have loved our trip, being with Daddy and the kids, with Lynn's family, hiking, just seeing the incredible beauty around us... He said, "I miss Mommy. She's in Heaven. We are going there, too. I love Mommy." My heart just breaks... But he's right. We love and miss you, you're in Heaven, that's where we're going to one day, then life will be perfect again. McKenna looks so much like you. She kept us laughing on the way home from Colorado... she is a joy!
... And I could go on and on telling you all about what we do through our days, the funny, crazy, amazing, loving times I have with your whole family. How I wish you were here to kiss Darren and your sweethearts again. All the plans we have for school and cooking and just living... Anything and everything. I know there's gonna be a LONG line of people waiting to visit with you once we all get to Heaven, but just sayin', I'm gonna need some time, too! Good thing we won't ever run out of time or have to leave. =)
I can see why you loved life: You had God first, your incredible family, the most amazing congregation, a beautiful home and state to live in, and you were gorgeous inside and out. I wanna be like YOU! Happy Birthday!
Love you~ working towards coming home with you!

Her bangs are just too cute! We kinda happend to match that day...

His little touch is so sweet. Look how light his hair is-- we've been in the sun a lot this summer...

Carter, McKenna, and Darren are such big parts of my world now. I love them more than I could ever say. Counting my blessings every day. Life is Good because we're living in the sunshine of being God's children!

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  1. Beautiful birthday words! It was a hard day, but good. I love you, Kara.