Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 This time of year is one of my very favorites.
Love how every day it looks different around us. I love the range of colors. The brilliantness of the dry fields and the red trees.
 The glorious sunshine through the trees as they lose their leaves.
 You can't just LOOK... you have to PLAY, too! =)
 You have to get out and enjoy the sunshine, the cripsness, the feeling of just being alive in this lovely world!
 How can anyone look at THAT and think there is no God? 
"HE shines through all that's fair!"
 Take time to look up, to play in the leaves, to be still. 
 To examine life. Your life. Are you living for God? Am I? Is there anything else I can do to show GOD to all the lost around me? A lesson I heard just recently quoted a movie, but said to look at it in a spiritual way:
"I see dead people..." The lost. "They don't know they're dead." They need to be taught. "Someone has to tell them." If we, as the church, don't tell them, who will?
This time of year makes me think of my Reynolds, my Missouri, my Stacy... I am so blessed to be able to call this place HOME now-- to be in my MO, with my Stacy... and so many others. No matter what's going on in life, nothing is more important than being right with GOD and living every moment for HIM. 

"Praise Him! Praise Him! Tell of His excellent greatness!!"


  1. Beautiful - both the comments and pictures!

  2. Wowza...how did I get so behind? Beautiful photographs of my favorite time of year with beautifully written reminders too. I love you.