Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tashaness--Princess Party!!!!!

My Tasha. My Twin. One of my best friends since we were 5. She came on Thanksgiving break to visit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The fun! 

While she was here we were able to have our PRINCESS PARTY! 
All of us "big princesses" doing it for our "little princesses!!"
Tammy, Katie, Tina, Emily, Abby, Candice, and Tasha made this party fantastic with the help of all the mommies and daddies-- and our PRINCESSES looked darling!!!
Tasha and Katie, who bring so much happiness into my life in GA and MO, hit it off right away! FUN!!
17 little princesses!
With a teeny-tiny Snow White Hallie Girl. What a little doll she is!!
Why can't we dress like this every day?! It's such fun!!
Sleeping Beauty and Esmeralda-- and make sure to notice McKenna's face!!
Never too old to sing and dance!
"Be our GUEST!!"
MY Princess! <3
Disney Sing-A-Long= SO MUCH FUN!
Aren't these fairies just the prettiest in the world? Such blessings to my life and sooooo many others!
A party full of incredible memories, a million giggles, sweet music and hugs, and pretty, precious girlies!
Sunday night supper with my Concordia family. Glad that Tasha got to be here on a Sunday and meet my family here. I love the bond that we share because of Duluth. Growing up there for our "whole lives" is something that I will always cherish. And being here now... *Happy sigh* yeah, I cherish that, too. I love our Sunday nights together. I love Sundaya in general... Bible class with my kiddos, worship to our KING, lunch and afternoon with my Leonards and other Higginsville friends, evening worship, and then supper as a congregation. 
LOVE to start my week this way!!
Tasha is totally awesome. I'm so glad that she was out here. We had some busy times, some homework time, and some amazing talking times. We have a lonnnnnnng history. A very good one. Life without the gang, without Duluth, without our parents, our pets, our hobbies, our singings, our trees... life just wouldn't be as grand. It's wonderful to re-connect. To remember such incredibly good times. We enjoyed some rainy days at home, some movies and singing and cooking, and Tas reading to me! :) 
My kiddos are getting used to going to and from the airport, so any friends who wanna come visit, get to meet the best people in the world, enjoy the darkness and stars at night, the flat, wide land during the day, the awesome hills around my house, and my sweethearts, then COME ON to MO!! :)
Sooooooooooo not ready for my Asha to go home... But looking forward to going home to GA and seeing her and bunches of friends there again soon. Best of all, our friendship will last forever-- for all eternity! 

Love you, Asha!

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  1. It has been nice to meet your friends from your other "homes". :) Love you both!