Sunday, November 27, 2011


A wonderful day... Thanksgiving. Up until now it's almost always been celebrated with my Dad's side of the family in Morrison. I love it. So many cousins I only get to see once a year, my favorite cousins who I get to see every time I go to Morrison, and always my grandparents, yummy food, nertz, and Linda's pie...
But this year, it was different. Instead of being a McAfee, I got to be a Heck, and then a Leonard. Thanksgiving has always made me think of Stacy. She loves the fall and the time with her family. We e-mail each other on Thanksgiving every year. Instead of *just* e-mailing this year, we were able to be together.
The morning was spent at home, relaxing, resting. Several of us were sick...
I love our puppy. Our crazy, sweet, spastic doggie. She's always there with us. She wants to know what's going on-- and she wants in on it all! :)
The beauty and warmth of the day, mixed with the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa and the aunts and uncles and cousins... our sugarbear, angelbaby, and little peanut... In and out the doors, hugs all around, and more food than we could eat in several meals, made for the happiest of feelings!
Small ones in every room, smiles, giggles... as totally cute as could be! They make our world so happy! <3
So many wonderful people at this table: 
David and Debbie~ My parents here whose love makes me feel right at home
Dan and Chas~ My aunt and uncle here whose smiles bring so much happiness to my life
Nathan and Ashley~ My older sister and big brother who are always there for me
Russ and Carol~ My grandparents here who make life perfect
Darren~ My "boss" and one of the coolest guys in the world
Josh, Candice, Bob, Dustin~ My crazy, sweet, incredible siblings

These people mean the world to me! They are good, godly, hard-working, awesome, funny people. They are my family!!
 Our Hallie Baby-- a few sweet one-on-one moments with her. 
And after being a Heck... I became a Leonard. <3 Totally LOVED that I got to see them on Thanksgiving--
New friends~Old friends~ Christian family everywhere!!
It was a dream come true to hug my Stacy on Thanksgiving, be at Grandma and Grandpa's, and watch our boys play football...
An evening of laughing loooooooads during supper. Wow. That was FUN! And games and twins... :)
Then a fun Friday with bunches of friends from Higginsville because 
WE WENT TO STATE! Texting back and forth to and from St. Louis... GOOD times!
First football game-- not including my kiddos playing'. Lots of cheering, being with friends, seeing people from the small town that I recognized-- (Sooo different than it would have been in Suwanee!) and running around with the twins and Abs. BEST moment of the day, though? Middle of the game. Abs, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and said, "I love you." MADE MY DAY! LOOOOOOVE my sis! :)
I really love St. Louis. Been there twice in 2 weeks! :) hee hee It's been fun! Life is good. Lots to do, so much to be thankful for, not ever enough time with those I love the most-- looking forward to Heaven when days won't end, we'll be together forever, and everything will be perfect! Let's all make sure we're ready for our KING to come call us home!

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  1. Thanksgiving was lovely. Bittersweet without our sweet Shauna, but so special with you there with us. I am so thankful that you have so completely melted into our family pot. I love you!