Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peacefulness and my little angel!

Thursday are just amazing.
From the first moment of the day, just knowing that it's FAMILY FUN NIGHT makes everything go wonderfully and feel happy inside! 
On this Thursdays we headed to Aunt Debbie's... the day had been beautiful, I kept meaning for us to get outside to play... but we were busy with this and that and didn't get to it.
Until now. Carter was asleep. And I was telling McKenna about the 70 acres... and she wanted to see it. So we went to the little tree-house. It was such fun.
Just me. And this little angel. This blue-eyed princess. This sunshine-maker. My sweetheart.
To hear her giggle when she swung-- and she wasn't afraid to go high, I can tell you that! My brave girl.
She giggled and giggled. Talked, enjoyed the "little things" and kept asking if we could have "just a few more minutes."
I wasn't about to leave. Not until she was ready to. The one-on-one time with her was absolutely precious. The love that she brings to my life is beautiful. It makes me a better person. She pushes me to try harder to live for God and love every minute. To truly be thankful for life. 
We climbed, told stories, watched the sunset, talked about our sweet family we would be able to spend time with for the evening, sang songs...
And took pictures of the prettiness around us. She loves to take pictures. She loves to be outside and watch things grow. She reminds me so much of Aunt Shauna. More every day.
What an awesome time with my Kenna Girl. So thankful to know her. We're looking forward to being home with Mom in Heaven! <3 Until then,  
Live, Laugh, and LOVE! 


  1. Awww! What fun! I'm sure she loves to have you around as much as you love to spend time with her! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)

  2. AMEN! What a beautiful day and what a focused and precious goal. Love you!