Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This and That...

What a lovely time of year this has been! We've been able to get outside often to enjoy it... especially those piles of leaves ALL over the yard!
Carter runs straight through them. It's hilarious! He's so short, they're so tall. He just disappears for a minute and then come out laughing on the other side. Must be an interesting time in those leaves. TOO cute and funny. I have to giggle at him every time. And then build the leaves back up so that he can do it again!!
Soccer is over for this fall. It was such a fun time. Our little team got better every week. They were adorable to watch. Loved that we had friends on the team to play with and hang out with afterward. Loved the time outside in the sunshine... and sometime pretty cold!
For Kenna's last game a lot of the family came to cheer- it was such fun. It was COLD that day. But warm on the inside. The parents and grandparents and friends make a "tunnel" at the end of each game for our kiddos to run through as we cheer for them and tell them "good game." That last game there were HEAPS of people, so we had a LONG tunnel. The kids went through it 3 times. They were so happy. :) The little things. Really. Are so important.
A time that was not such fun was the doctor visit for my little kitty cat and super girl. Time for shots... But. We made it through, we won't have to go for a long time again, and hey. Those were some pretty cool band-aids!
McKenna took 4 shots with only a sharp intake of breath and "Okkkk. That one hurt," on the last one. She was AMAZING!
This is deer season. Something that I've known about because of my Leonards for a long time... but since I've never lived with hunters before, I'd never paid much attention. Welcome to living in the country and having lots more guys in my life! =) Obviously McKenna has it, too... and here she is being a big buck! I told Darren that I think I got the biggest one-- and I didn't even have to shoot! Look at those antlers!
LOVE this picture~Taken by my sweet Can-Can. It cracks me up every time I look at it. Little Man was drinking some hot chocolate, a favorite with both my kiddos and myself. It spilled ALL over him, so we took his clothes off... and then he kept right on drinkin'! Yummmm! "But. NO. Pictures!" hee hee hee
My Abby Girl. We were able to share 11:11 pm on 11/11/11 together! It was a special night! We've been 11/11 buddies for years... our whole friendship! It was a good time. So thankful for Christian sisters!

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  1. Those pictures are all so great, but especially of Carter with his hand up! Hilarious!