Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas/New Years Break-aka-PARTY TIME!

This funny ham asked me for a photo shoot! And then told me where she wanted to be for each picture. She makes me laugh every single day!
And this little sunshine. MELTS. MY. HEART. daily!!
Giggly, goofy, girlies!!!
Little dude wearing 9 shirts! TOO funny!!!
We spent our break filled with friends. Every day. It was fantastic!! :)
Enjoying a new place, new friends, new hopes. Life is so precious~ slow down enough to really enjoy it and share time with those who are important to you!!
Play games!!!
Dress up and dance!!
And make sure that you spend time playing make-believe!!
And squishing your friends!! While giggling endlessly!!
And, SLIDE DOWN YOUR hall, laughing, clapping...
and enjoying the WHOOSH!!!
But don't do it alone. Share it with your FAMILY!
Smile, hug, watch movies until all hours of the night-- and eat too much. :) Especially if it's a strange mix of salty and sweet! hee hee
hee hee. Makes me happy every time I look at these blonde sweethearts!!
Fun sister time, record of seeing my sweet aunt and gorgeous cousins daily, brushing hair, watching videos until we cried from laughing so hard... 

All I can say is, "I love my family, too!"

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