Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love life...

 This month has started fantastically! It's been extra warm, so we've made time every day to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. We've got new bikes, new friends, and lots of sunshine and smiles to share.
 This is one of the most fun slides in the whole world! Talk about lots of laughing! This day was a very good one.
We spent the morning getting to go have a Bible lesson and singing time at a nursing home. The people there were too sweet. It is great to spend time with your Christian family (and there were 14 from our congregation there!), as well as working towards spreading the gospel. Not only were we able to encourage the people there, they were able to encourage us. And the time to teach our little ones to love and respect older people is priceless.
 Look at that. We played outside for over 2 hours. Dressed like THAT. In JANUARY! Isn't that NICEEE?!
There have also been some firsts: Walking through a "drivethru," having someone write a poem for me, running at 5 some mornings, throwing pieces of a game while playing, and backing up and down the Leonards' lane... Ok... so some of those were dares, and some of those were bigger firsts than others... But, life has been full and fun in 2012~
This year has been really encouraging to me already. A family has come back to the truth, we've been to a worship service of singing at a neighbor congregation, and we had a luncheon at our congregation.
I was able to visit at Chipman and enjoy a really great girls' class on modesty. This week we have a Young Adult Bible Study and a Teen Singing. It's always encouraging to be with the Saints!
 Got to spend a great afternoon with my babies and family at Burr Oaks, which I just LOVE! It reminds me of so many places I went when I was a lil girl with my family both at home in GA and at home in TN with Gran and Grandad. Get outside with your family and slow down enough to "just live" as Pollyanna would say! Then got to go back to Burr Oaks for the evening with my Burrows! 
Looks magical, doesn't it?
 You can never have too many sprinkles, right?! ha ha ha
Playing games and really enjoying life together before everyone starts back to school and college... I love the Leonards' home and how the doors are always open to those we need a home, a place to hang out, to LIVE for HIM.

 A new part of 2012 is having tennis lessons with Daddy! And I can tell that it's going to be heaps of fun!
 We all love Daddy/ Uncle Darren! He is super fun, funny, and is so great at what he does. The kiddos did very well and it was really nice to have lunch with him, too. Daddy time is so special. Dads out there, take time to live, play, and love your kiddos. The time goes too quickly. And there's no one cooler in the world than your dad!
 These monkies are soooooooo funny! They told me that I couldn't come in... and then told me when to come and look. The giggles and smiles and silly faces were just hilarious! They make anything in life more enjoyable and fun! We went for a walk/bike ride, painted finger nails, played the Wii, ate yummy snacks, got to go see Uncle David at work, played Bible Baseball... everything was awesome!
And this all got to happen because it was a special day. Aunt Chas and Uncle Daniel have been married for 19 years! That is so wonderful and encouraging. They put GOD first in their lives, then each other and their kiddos. They are giving their girlies a precious gift of security: knowing that their mommy and daddy love each other and GOD. This day was also special because it was Grandma's birthday-- and the kiddos are making pictures and birthday cards in this picture. When you get the art stuff out, you've got to really get the art stuff out! =D

Hoping and praying that you all are having just as awesome of a New Year as we are. 
We love you all!


  1. Hey dear!
    I tagged you in a bloggy thing, hope you can do it!
    Love you much!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! Best picture ever with the kiddos in their jammies...especially Carter! Awesome! I am so thankful for you and your time with these babies. Shauna would be happy, and nothing more needs to be said.