Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Middle of Everything!

While doing school with my babies on Monday, we looked at a book all about our home state, Missouri. It was super cool. Awesome pics of the Arch ~I have such happy memories of being there with my MO sisters and Christina and babies~ And seeing the names of so many cities and places that I love around our side of the state, even just seeing interstate 70 and thinking of all the crazy time I’ve already spent driving up and down that road—8 months, dude!

The book we were looking at called Missouri the middle of everything~ Not northern, southern, eastern, or western. Not just country, not just city. Not just anything, but a little of everything. I love it here. This place is my home. The middle of everything, a little of everything. It’s got everything~ It’s perfect

I have a thing for the middle~ Livin' in the middle of everything, cuddling in the middle of the group of cuties, being the middle child in my family in GA, and my family in MO... walking in the middle of my babies, one on each side. The middle's an awesome place to be!!

Things that fill my days and make them feel FANTASTIC (btw, I have a cutie 3-year-old who loves that word and asks me if it’s fantastic that he can say that word… and it’s suuuuper cute!):
~Hugs and kisses from my babies, watching them grow and learn every day
~Walking/running with dear friends who help me notice all the little things that God made for us to enjoy
~Singing, dancing, and laughing in the sunshine and rain of each new day
~Phone calls, Facebook posts, Skyping, and letters from my darling friends and family all over the world
~Knitting, scrapbooking, watchin’ movies, and reading with friends, or just a funny puppy…
~Having plans every single day, prayers at night with my family, hold hands with my best friend
 ~Knowing that everything, always, will be okay if we continue to live for HIM, putting HIM first in all things.

There is so much junk in life. So many things that are discouraging, sad, and horrible. It’s SIN. It’s the devil’s plan to keep us from being happy, to stop us from standing up for what’s right. But, let’s not give-in to what he wants. STAND for the right, make the good choices, and BE HAPPY!

The constant fellowship and encouragement that I’m given here and world-wide is overwhelming. It makes me glad to be alive every day. My good-health, the healthiness of my babies, the good jobs our dads have to help take care of us, the beauty in each day. I couldn’t ask for anything better. LIFE IS GOOD because GOD IS GREAT!

Here I am, having lived 20 amazing years, learning to look forward not only to the future, but to hold each moment truly special and know that it could be the last. But you know, I am so excited for that “last” moment, too, when we get to go home to Heaven. It will be wonderful to be with so many there, and to think of seeing Aunt Shauna again~ well, whole, happy… What a joy that will be. There is always joy. Always. And YOU help to make it that way. 
Thank you, for being you. <3

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  1. What a wonderful, encouraging and uplifting post, Kara. Thank you for being YOU! I love you.