Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Merriment!!

This month is flyin' by... wow. We're already to the last week... 

To recap-- Drew and I went roadtrippin' to Illinois to see the Bradds and preach Sunday morning.
It was an awesome time of fellowship and new sights, sounds, and a VERY COOL treehouse. I love how I had kiddos to spend time with from the moment I woke up and started getting ready-- it was just like home! :) Also loved the time to talk, sing, laugh, and dream with Drew... <3
Family FUN Nights-- our Thursday nights are, even after a year, something that I get so excited about I could (AND DO) do a happy dance about EVERY SINGLE WEEK! How I love and adore my family! What a blessing they all are to me!!
Drew and his fanclub. =)
Great friends... held together with the goal of Heaven, the hope of a home together in an even better place than this lovely little piece of Heaven on earth that we have in the country, more gorgeous than a sunshine, sweeter than our Lucy Kay... a perfect place with no more sorrow. *happpppy sigh*
My sweet, beautiful, hard-working, ever-giving, spunky MM, with our Sweet Pea.
We are a family who LOOOOVES not only each other, soccer, and parties-- but also
Meg. She fits in just life family-- why is that?! Because I have the BEST family about making anyone feel welcome, at home, and loved-- and because my MEG is the best person in the world! =) Who wouldn't like her?!?
Oh, my sis. My sweet, funny, lovely sis. Giggling and talking and singing and dancing and dreaming and crafting with you has got to be the BEST things ever... 
Thank you for bringing so much sunshine to me!
Ok. These are just GORGEOUS, aren't they?! 
They say-- "We are pretty. God made us. BE HAPPY!"
One of my favooooooorite pics eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! =)
There have been many deep talks with my babies this month. They are growing too quickly!
Many deep talks with my parents, Heck and Leonard parents... always trying to learn and grow. Give the best to my kiddos, make sure I'm pleasing HIM in all that I do. Looking for the silver-lining like my Miss Helen and my Tina always do. Praying, waiting, working. You know, if you'll pray and work, you will NEVER be bored... and life will always be ok.
Worshiping at our little Jamesport-- how I love this place! So happy to be able to share a Sunday of it with my Meg, even though my poor dude was super sick, he did a fantastic job! Meg and I went for a walk, we never run out of things to look at or talk about when we're together. Just like my Stacy. :) My Cancan... all my best friends. Jamesport is a little congregation we go to preach at on the 2nd Sunday of every month. I'll really miss it when Drew goes to preaching school this August. The members there have really touched my heart. I plan to always return. The love and encouragement they have given us will always be remembered!
Calvin in a very special dude. He is strong, funny, extremely nice, and cute! 
He did a GREAT job testing!! 
My kiddos love Calvin. He comes to spend days with me "at work"-- they are priceless to me. He plays with them and they totally enjoy it, but the example that he is to them is what I really prize. He is 13. He could do so many things that would be "cooler" than hanging with a 21-year-old girl at "her house" doing jobs and school and being crazy with (granted the kiddos are SUPER CUTE) a 3 and 5-year-old... But he does it. And he is so good to them. Wow. Every day I realize again how blessed we are. How GOD hands up just what we need, JUST when we need it. 

Take the time to thank HIM for everything-- the little things-- are big. Not a moment of life would be possible without HIS power, HIS love, HIS mercy. We owe HIM everything. =) May has certainly been awesome, faith-building, and full of merriment!!

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