Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Year Together

 A year ago today... The first day with my sweethearts. I knew I'd love them. I knew it would be fun. But. Wow... I had no idea how they would claim my heart... and make everything they touched about my life fill with sunshine. What a blessing they have been since this day, day one...
 And now look at them. They are sooooo big! "What in da world?!" 
I just LOVE these little faces!!
 We spent a wonderful, happy breakfast together. Laughing, talking. We used the plates we did when I got to spend the day with Mommy, Stacy, the kiddos, and Abby. What a fun day that was. So much happiness and love shared. I am more thankful for those times than I could ever say.
 I took the kiddos out to eat for lunch. We'd not done that just the 3 of us before. It was super fun. Then we hit a couple stores. Fun talking and laughing... We've come a long way from the diapers, visiting every bathroom, always being in the buggy... to walking along together looking at things we like and singing. Knowing they would listen, come when I called, be helpers.
 My sweet princess. The joy and giggles from this girl make me laugh so hard. She is crazy-awesome. She works to learn so many things every day. She wants to be able to do it all on her own. She is not easily persuaded to do something she doesn't want, but she does love to help. She is INCREDIBLE.
 Two cuties. Two adorable, loveable, amazing, wonderful, precious little people...
"Everything I do, I do it for you." <3
My baby. Super cute, super stubborn, super AWESOME to be around. His laugh is so infectious. When he looks at me and says he loves me, when he hugs me tight with those little arms all the way around my neck. Oh, life just can't get any better. 
Swinging, running, singing... we climbed all over the place today. Talked a lot. I thought so much of Mommy.
The way they say words, the places we've been together, the happiness they bring to me. I couldn't fully express it if I wrote for days. But it has been the best. year. ever.
 Growing in all ways, most importantly learning to love GOD and focus on HEAVEN and the important things in life more, and to 

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