Monday, May 28, 2012

"Under the Sea" and soooo many good memories!!

The wonderful Lys and the adorable Jojo... 
Hangin' during Jonna's soccer game. 
ART TIME!! Dot paint... what a fun creation!!
My friends, my kiddos, cutest dog, gorgeous day, nothin' but the sunshine to enjoy... yep. 
That's what we call another perfect day down in the amazing lil place I love, 
Ok. Life just DOES NOT get better than sleeping with a 
precious little niece after an amazing day. 
I <3 our little Lucy Kay Cozort!
My little man and me in a bubble at the awesome Kansas City Aquarium-- 
we had a big homeschool field-trip. 
The BEST part was getting to touch the cool little critters!
Feel like a fish!? =D
My absolute FAVORITE part. 
So relaxing... So beautiful... So amazing...
Running through the fountain outside the aquarium and Crown Center was just as AWESOME! We are soooo going back! =)
Sundays are awesome days, though I miss the time with my sweethearts, the time with my congregation and my friends in Higginsville is great. One of my VERY favorite parts of a Sunday is Stacy and my afternoon walk. Lots of memories over this year walking that one path. We are so creatures of habit. We notice animals, people, plants, houses... we talk about everything. And we "solve the problems of the world." ha =)
Mondays have been BRILLIANT days of the week alllll fall and winter. We've been able to share them with Daddy-- tennis lesson, then picnic lunch with him. For a few months now Aunt Chas and the girls have been coming, too. The girls are amazing at tennis. Carter makes me laugh. I get to visit with my super cool aunt. Our Cancan comes along often, too. Darren is a fantastic teacher. We love being at the club. Everyone is so friendly. We'll miss being there as much through the summer... busy, busy schedule for Daddy this time of year.
  Yep. That's my girl. Aunt Chassy is showin' her who's boss. =D
McKenna wanted to be chased! hee hee. 
I'm telling you. This family is the COOLEST!
"Life is full of beauty when your heart if full of 

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