Sunday, May 27, 2012

Medieval Faire Homeschool Day!

The gorgeous Lady Aubrie! :)
My little jouster!
Brother and sisters! :) :) :)
Sweet, sweet Uncle, Niece, and Mom and Grandma of all. <3 <3 <3
Working on "Stained glass windows..."
Dancing to the most incredible music!
Sweet, sweet Candice and our sweet, sweet Lucy!!
Daddy coming at just the right time to help KenKen with her shooting. SO awesome-- notice the little man gettin' in on the fun?? =D 
I *ADORE* this family!!
Go Darren! He is irritating good at everything he does. I mean that in the nicest way possible! ha ha
Some of our incredible kiddos.
 Look at those cutieeeees!! 
We were all dressed up, had studied for a couple months, and had for a fun-filled day together. 
What a fantastic group of kids and moms and dads we have!! 
Not only are they smart, gorgeous, fun to be around-- the BEST part is that we're all on the SAME road to HEAVEN together. The very core of who we are is shared. I wouldn't trade that for ANYTHING. Because it is the only ONE things that matters. 

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  1. Ok, I've decided y'all do the coolest stuff up there!