Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Girl!

First, the birthday party pictures from Saturday! 

 Carter checkin' out the goodies at the birthday party...

 Sweets! :)

 Amazing tasting and looking cake by Aunt Chas!

 In honor of three sweet, beautiful, funny, remarkable girlies!

 Everything, every little detail, was just right about the party... but it was all so hard without Aunt Shauna there to enjoy it that much more and make every smile and laugh. She would have loved it! 

Sweet Kenna Girl! <3

Dear McKenna Anne,

In just a few short weeks you have become a very big part of my life. I love to be with you. Thank you for all that you have already taught me. You lead me on to the hope of Heaven and the goal of eternal life more than anyone ever has. You are bright—you remember so much and have such a craving to learn. You have a mind of your own, a willingness to help, and a tender heart for those who are hurting around you.

It makes me so happy to listen to you imagine and play. You love to do stuff on your own, you love to play with just Carter, and you love it when it’s all three of us. Not to mention when friends come over! Oh, how much fun we have. You are the most outgoing child I’ve ever met, and I love. love. love it. Don’t change that. You are genuine and people love you.

When you look at me with those blue eyes and smile real big, you look just like Mommy. When you laugh really hard and fall over on the couch, you make me think of Mommy. When your hair is all messed up, you’re so dirty, and you are totally happy, I think of how Mommy loved to see you happy and playing hard. You are Mommy’s Princess, and what a special girl you are. The way that you run to Daddy when he gets home is priceless. When you greet someone with one of your smiles, you give them so much happiness.

I pray that you will always continue to shine that ray of hope to the world. You tell me everyday about how Mommy is in Heaven and if we do what the Bible says, we will go to see her again. We will give her big, big hugs, and we’ll never have to tell her goodbye again. And your eyes just glow when you say it. I adore you. 

We had so much fun today. Cooking together early this morning, singing, eating way too much sugar. Then a movie, where you sat right by me and held my hand through most of it. Hugs and pictures, lunch and singing, lots of running. Bible time, and then Daddy came home early for your day! We went swimming and had supper with Grandma. You find joy in so many things-- big and little. And you are such a little mermaid! You are beautiful, little darling, inside and out! 

Happy 5th Birthday, Precious Girl!

Love always,
 At the American Girl Store with her sweet cousins! 

 I love this girl!

 Playing together in the garden...

 Happy, pretty Kenna!

 Precious girl!

 The Little Mermaid! :) 

Sleep well, my darling little 5-year-old! <3 


  1. She is such a precious blessing! So glad you were such a joyful part of her day! Love you.

  2. your letter touches my heart... thank you for taking these two precious children into your heart and giving them what they need... love~attention~and so much fun.

    thank you for helping them to remember their momma and helping them to stay on that path that will lead them to her again.

    i love you so much.