Friday, June 24, 2011

My sweet room!

My favorite thing about my room!

My very comfy bed!

 My favorite books and movies are in there... Isn't it adorable?!

My beautiful dresser...

My cool earring tree!

The awesome extra bed for my guests-- you are all welcome! :D

My well-traveled and well-loved friends! :) 

Right side of my window... LOVE the ledge! 

 Left side of my ledge... =) =)

 The charming end of my bed!

My closet of rainbow clothes and big picture of my friends! 

Best purse in the whole world! Doesn't it look cute with my bed?!

Isn't it the sweetest?!

From my 2nd mom. One of my favorite things. We have HOPE in Christ-- the wonderful hope that we will be with Aunt Shauna again one day if we live for God! 

 I read this every day. I haven't forgotten. I love you, Miss Cindy! <3 

Love these things-- and those girls! See my beautiful sisters?!

 My neat rug!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this part of my room!? :) 

Isn't it one of the sweetest rooms you've ever seen!? It makes me super happy! I love living in this house. But really, none of this "stuff" is what makes this place so wonderful. It's the godly people that I live with that make this place home! I'll share more pics of them soon... it's harder to do pics of them than of my room! :D

I am thankful to each of you for your amazing support and love on this new journey of mine. I need it. This is not a trip that I could, or would ever want to, take alone. Prayers for each of you, my friends. 

Love you all! <3


  1. WOOOT!!! First comment! heehee! I want to come stay with you for a realllllly long time. =) Love you sooooo much! <3 I had a dream I got to hug you....I miss that. =)

  2. Very sweet, just like you! : )

  3. It's the girl that lives in this room that makes it so sweet. Love you!

  4. I don't think all four of us can fit in that one little bed. But we can try!!